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a black couple sit on a couch both facing the opposite way in disagreement

Making the Decision to Separate

The financial realities of a divorce or separation can be overwhelming. Mediation with a financial expert is a practical way to resolve the financial and parenting issues. Plus, learn some examples of boundaries that may be helpful to set when negotiating your decisions.

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Couple Talking to Mediator

Emotions During Mediation: 5 Ways to Control Yours

Going through a divorce can be an emotional experience. Here are 5 ways to keep your emotions in check during a divorce mediation session. Learn how to choose your battles using assertive language without getting caught up in the past.

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Holy Grail

Understanding in Mediation: The Holy Grail in Family Law

Fairness is the Holy Grail in Mediation and understanding how to build the best resolution plan requires you to focus on a number of relevant questions. Learn what these questions should include.

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Divorce Mediation moves you forward – Litigation Holds you back

Read real stories contrasting the impact of Divorce Mediation vs Litigation and the resulting ugly lost of childhood.

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Mayan Calendar

The Mayans were right: It’s Time for A New World

In my practice as a Divorce Mediation coach, I see a lot of people who could use a little ‘Mayan’ philosophy as they go through the difficult time of separation and divorce. But just like the Mayan calendar has proven, the ‘end’ doesn’t have to mean something terrible, this can also be a time of new beginnings.

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