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Reduce Time, Reduce Stress, Reduce Costs, and Protect Your Children.

The perfect combination:
Legal Advice, Mediation,
professional valuators all
focused on the outcome.

We are a results-driven national divorce resolution company committed to changing the way our clients move through divorce. We have proven that there is a better way that is both discrete and financially prudent. There are two things in divorce - money and kids - and we will work with you to protect both.

We are committed to our cornerstones: Reducing Time, Reducing Cost, Reducing Stress, and Protecting Children so that you may lay the foundation for new beginnings. As alternative resolution experts we’ll continue to change the way divorce happens with a 95% success rate.

We deliver high value, fee structured dispute solutions that help preserve our clients’ wealth and relationships by mediating, negotiating, quarterbacking and ensuring you receive legal advice from a top notch matrimonial lawyer

Thank you very much. I appreciate that and it was so fast!!! You guys are amazing and I appreciate everyone I have dealt with so much since I have started to go through this nightmare and very difficult time. I don't know who you all report to but they need to know the team they have is amazing. Client, 2016
When my husband and I decided to go our separate ways, it was overwhelming. A lady at my work had used Fairway for the legal separation of her marriage, she said it was the best separation & divorce anyone could ask for... In the end I have the same comments as my co-worker had, the separation and divorce went smoothly. Client, 2016


Save Your Time and Money with the Fairway Process

Fairway Independently Negotiated

The Fairway Vision

Our Commitment To You

  • You will be an impowered, informed decision-maker
  • You will be confident you know your legal rights when applicable
  • You will ensure emotions don't get in the way of wise decisions
  • We will facilitate conflict resoluition with multi-family members to protect assets, businesses, estates and relationships
  • We will establish and maintain a balance of power so no one feels bullied or vulnerable
  • We will strive to keep your wealth and your careers intact
  • We will ensure you have a parenting plan so you can raise confident, inspired children
  • Through our transformative Fairway Independently Negotiated Resolution process, we'll help you lay the foundation for new beginnings


The cornerstones of Fairway Divorce Solutions

Reduce Time

The Fairway Process takes 120 days to Resolution after Financial Disclosure. The Traditional Process takes a minimum of 2 years, with an average of 3-5 years.

Reduce Stress

Using The Fairway Process means each client is guided through a methodology to empower non-emotional decision making.

Reduce Costs

Bottom line - The Fairway Process produces results in a much less expensive way. Keep the wealth you worked so hard to build.

Protect the Children

With The Fairway Process, the focus is on turning good intentions into good results by empowering both the children and the parents with a well thought out parenting plan.

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We promise to - Reduce Time, Reduce Cost, Reduce Stress, Protect the children and relationships...