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There are two things in divorce – money and children – and we will work with you to protect both. We are committed to our cornerstones: Reducing Time, Cost, and Stress, plus Protecting your children to lay the foundation for new beginnings.

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A one stop boutique offering family and divorce mediation services so you can avoid the courts & the chaos.

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Before you call a lawyer & start down a path of no return, call us! We provide detailed legal education, parenting plans, financial expertise, business & pension valuations and ensure you get independent legal advice — without the high costs.

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Fast track your divorce with our INR™ process. We produce better results in a more affordable way.


Divorce Mediation empowers both the children and parents with a well thought out parenting plan.


Divorce brings up feelings of anger, fear, frustration and sadness. We help to lessen conflicts and disputes.


Fairway's Divorce Consultants have all the answers! We won't bill you for the initial consultation.

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Win with strategic divorce resolution

Our divorce process works for both conflicted and amicable couples. Our mediation model focuses on saving your wealth and assets, not destroying them.

Our certified divorce financial analysts and lawyers help hundreds of Canadians each year with financial planning, property divisions, drafting separation papers, parenting plans, legal court proceedings & divorce certificates.

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We deliver high value, fee structured mediated divorce services in Canada that help preserve our client’s wealth and protect the children.


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Assisting couples for over a decade with convenient locations across Canada.


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Thousands of successes in bringing resolution to couples seeking separation.


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Protecting everyone from the needless harm they suffer going through a divorce.

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Protecting your assets

What sets us apart from traditional mediators and matrimonial law firms will save your assets & empower you.

How to tell your kids

You're getting a divorce, but your children don't know yet. Here's the straight talk on divorce that works.

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We have teams of divorce specialists trained to help families move through the steps of separation.

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We offer prospective clients a no charge consultation with a Senior Divorce Mediator. We will confidentially discuss your specific situation, needs and concerns to determine which of our services is best suited for you. Whether it’s our full-service comprehensive program or individual financial and litigation support, our consultants will set the stage to head towards a timely resolution. Stay empowered and in control of your future, finances and freedom. Talk to us today!

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In Canada, divorce without a lawyer is not only possible it’s now the alternative.

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