Virtual Divorce Mediation

If you are not near one of our locations, we will come to you.

Thanks to our virtual divorce mediation solutions, Fairway is wherever you are. You and your spouse can work with us remotely to facilitate your divorce from anywhere. We bring our boardroom to you, so you don't have to compromise on achieving resolution the right way. So, take the first step into your new life.

What is Virtual Divorce Mediation?

It is when mediation is done remotely and not in person. With today's technology, holding either a one-on-one or larger party negotiation is simple. We can easily create rooms using software to meet with each of you individually and together, replicating what we can do in person.

Does Virtual Mediation Work?

We can help you achieve your specific goals and outcomes, even if we don't meet in person. The technology has become so advanced that it feels like you are in the same room. You will be able to move through your divorce, taking all the necessary steps to achieve an outcome that is in your best interest and protects your legal rights. Our highly trained mediators virtually serve you the same as they would have in person

Finding the right path through a divorce is stressful and confusing, but it doesn't have to be with Fairway. Instead, we help demystify the process, working with you to efficiently move through the divorce process virtually from the comfort of your home or office.

We Mediate, We Negotiate and We Navigate your Divorce from Start to Finish.

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Expert Guidance

Fairway Resolution Experts are highly skilled in mediation and negotiation and come from legal and financial backgrounds.

Dedicated Mediators

You have the dedication of your mediation specialist and our team. They'll walk with you through every step of the process–from start to finish. They focus on achieving a fair outcome in a timely and cost-efficient manner so you can move on with your life.

No Surprises

Avoid shocking high costs and conflict. With our Independently Negotiated Resolution™ (INR) process, get the life you’ve imagined without hurting your children, damaging your assets or reputation, or spending years in court.

Private & Secure

We use a secure and private virtual video connection platform.

Ready to be the architect of your future? We’re ready to get you there.

It’s as Easy as Taking the First Step

Here’s how Independently Negotiated Resolution™, or INR works:

  • Listen
    You talk, and we listen. Our priority is taking the time to gather information and documentation, so we have the foundation for making good decisions
  • Focus
    We immediately identify the real issues and focus on completing what’s necessary to get you through the process efficiently
  • Talk
    Next, we review every option available to you so that you can make well-informed decisions on the issues on your finances and co-parenting
  • Resolve
    Finally, achieve the best possible resolution so that you can move on with your life

Since 2006, we've been turning divorce on its head, leading the alternative divorce industry and helping 5,800 couples find a better way to divorce. Reduce time, reduce cost, reduce stress and protect your kids. Contact us today for no-obligation information about taking the first step to a life beyond divorce.

Frequently Asked Questions