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With the increase in demand and our desire to help as many couples in Canada as we can, Fairway offers both Satellite and Remote Mediation services.

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Fairway Remote Divorce Mediation

With advances in video and online technology, remote mediation has become an attractive alternative to in-person mediation. While there are obvious advantages like not travelling, parking or being in the same room as a spouse; remote divorce mediation also reduces the stress and gives people time to process information without the pressure of the face to face conflict.

With remote mediation, parties can review documents, discuss property division and custody with the sharing of screens using widely available software. Also, remote mediation is often more time efficient as people tend to stay on topic and on task when mediating remotely.

There also seems to be less emotional currency required by the parties when they negotiate from the comfort of their normal surroundings.

Fairway can service most of all Canada using the remote capabilities of the present locations in each province. Each office is equipped and trained on intricacies of remote mediation and has experienced much success and positive feedback from those who have engaged our services.

Contact one of the local offices to find out more about remote mediation and how we can help you bring resolution from the comfort of your home or office.

The Fairway Process

The focus is on turning good intentions into good results by empowering both the children and the parents with a well thought out parenting plan.

From the moment I first walked through their doors until the day I received my final documents, I felt I was in caring, competent hands. My amazing Fairway mediator prepared me for what would likely be happening over the following weeks, and then skilfully guided my ex and I through the mediation process until we reached a mutually-agreed-on settlement. To this day, I will forever be grateful to my Fairway mediator.

A Client, May 2018

Divorce mediation is what we do best. If you want to learn more about how our proven divorce process works, please call us today.

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