Fairway customer stories

Mediation Success Stories

Success comes in many forms. For us, it is hearing back from our clients and reading how we have changed their lives for the better. These stories are the reason we do what we do.

Thank you for our meeting this morning along with your valuable consultation. Most importantly, I appreciated your time, honesty and care that you demonstrated. If you could possibly refer me to your reliable and honest lawyer to resolve my situation, that would be very helpful and it would mean a lot to me. I look forward to hear from you accordingly at your convenience.

Feb 2020

I just want to say thank you to you and Tracy. I appreciate that your jobs are not always fun filled but you are both very professional and i am sincere in saying that i do appreciate the work that has been done on my behalf.

Jan 2020

Thank you Karen for your advice about how to handle this conversation about our kids as it calmed the situation. I have no interest in digging my heels in and creating a fight. I now feel prepared when it happens again.

Jan 2020

I hope all's well in your world my friend and thanks again for making it such a great process. A dad told me at hockey practice on Monday night that he's never seen such co-parenting by two people as he has with the ex and I. I give a lot of that credit to you and the firm's process.

Jan 2020

We had an excellent experience with Fairway, Negotiation and Mediation are far less expensive and far more efficient than litigation. Fairway has brilliant facilitators that help couples navigate through a complicated emotional process.

Jan 2020

We truly appreciate the time you spent with us and the conversation greatly assisted us in coming to our conclusion of reconstruction of our relationship.

Dec 2019

I would strongly recommend using this company. Sarah was very professional and friendly. Made a toughtime managable and doable. Also very economically reasonable.

November 2019

Colette and team have the process down pat, they know what questions to ask and when, and will provide answers to any questions you may have along the way. They did a great job for us at a very reasonable cost and with a quick turnaround.

May 2019

Cameron - I didn’t want to make my spouse feel like we were talking behind his back, but wanted to thank you for seamlessly addressing my worries.

August 2019

Colette was an amazing resource in this very difficult process. She supported us in making some very challenging decisions. She was knowledgeable and compassionate. I would highly recommend using this service.

April 2019

Working with Colette streamlined the separation process and allowed us to work together collaboratively,making decisions for the best possible outcome for our family going forward. Colette's straightforward approach and positive attitude made an inherently stressful situation as simple as it could have been. I was incredibly impressed with how efficiently Fairway Divorce Solutions was able to create a Resolution Plan, as we used their fast track method to ensure the financial matters could be handled as quickly as possible. With having all the financial details ready for the initial meeting and Colette mediating the family plan details we were able to have a draft of the Resolution Plan within a month of the initial meeting, and with the helpful recommendation for Lawyers who have worked with Fairway Divorce Solutions often, the separation agreement was finalized in less than a month. Colette is the first person I would contact shouldI have a family dispute in the future and would highly recommend Fairway Divorce Solutions. I truly can't thank Colette and Sarah enough for all their fantastic work.

January 2019

Kirsty and Fairway Divorce was the perfect solution to our separation. We were supported and guided to a fair and comfortable result with kindness and compassion. Kirsty particularly went above and beyond all our expectations and even had us giggling and joking. It was potentially a very difficult situation that was made easy and made us both feel safe and protected. Thank you Kirsty for all of your help and guidance. We’ll miss chatting with you!

July 2018

I highly recommend using Fairway Divorce Solutions. From beginning to end our experience was extremely positive. Initially, we met with the owner, Colette, who took the time to explain the process and to assess our needs. From that point on we dealt with the other staff, who were very helpful, and mainly with Kirsty, our Mediator. Kirsty has the perfect personality for dealing with people in a very trying situation. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind and patient, and always had a smile on her face. Even if we started our meeting in a bad mood, Kirsty was always able to put things in perspective and helped us to understand that we would each eventually have control over our situation and that everything would be fine in the end. She was right. Many thanks to Kirsty for helping us through such a difficult life situation and giving us our confidence back.

June 2018

My partner and I were looking for options to complete our separation and divorce with minimal costs and complications. The process seemed overwhelming and the lawyers we contacted were not willing to work with us together. We had both heard the ads for Fairway Divorce so we decided to explore this option and we are both glad that we did. Fairway supported our desire to work through our separation together – jointly. They explained the process clearly and were very thorough in the process. We both believe we saved money compared to what the process would have looked like going through lawyers. Our situation was simplistic as we are amicable and have no children but based on our experience we believe Fairway could offer even more value to folks in more complicated life situations. Would highly recommend Fairway to anyone going through a separation / divorce.

June 2018

Mediation was the right choice for us. Kirsty was amazing and explaining everything to us in great detail. She made a very difficult time turn into a more confident situation. I feel much better leaving mediation now. Thanks again for everything Kirsty.

June 2018

The Fairway process removed a lot of the conflict and bitterness from an otherwise very painful process. It helped to take a lot of the emotion out of an emotional time, to allow clear thought at a time where emotions can easily take control. The people at Fairway are very professional and knowledgeable in what they do. They have a vast pool of experience they pull from to help guide to a more peaceful and fair resolution.

June 2018

I would like to thank Fairway Divorce Solutions for the assistance required for final closure on our divorce. You have been instrumental in aiding to ensure common sense, law and the best interests of our children were at the forefront of our negotiations. This could not have been easy for the Senior Negotiators due to the emotions involved at times. You have helped make a difficult decision that much easier on all family members involved.

May 2018

Divorce is never pleasant… but it CAN be the start of a better, happier life. Fairway helps get you there in a civilized, straightforward, dignified way while protecting your children and your finances. My Fairway experience was wonderful. I will most definitely be singing this company’s praises for many, many years to come, and recommending them to anyone who finds themselves on this path. From the moment I first walked through their doors until the day I received my final documents, I felt I was in caring, competent hands. My amazing Fairway mediator prepared me for what would likely be happening over the following weeks, and then skilfully guided my ex and I through the mediation process until we reached a mutually-agreed-on settlement. To this day, I will forever be grateful to my Fairway mediator — I don’t know how he did it, but he made sense of the senseless, he calmed the chaos and was a beacon of hope lighting the way to a new beginning for all of us. It’s been a few years since my divorce and I can say with some certainty now that my children and I have not only survived, but thrived. We have managed to adapt and move forward, and although we live a simple life, it is a good life and our home is a place of safety, peace and happiness, as it should be. My heart is filled with gratitude for all Fairway has done for me and my family. If you find yourself at the end of your rope and divorce is your only option, I encourage you to call Fairway Divorce Solutions. There IS a better life out there — let Fairway help you find it.

May 2018

I used Fairway Divorce Solutions. My mediator was Sarah Whyte. They do a very extensive process that covers everything. Sarah did a great job explaining everything in a clear manner which was very helpful. If this is a service that you need. I would recommend Fairway Divorce Solutions.

April 2018

We found ourselves in a situation where we did not believe that we could go forward together in a positive manner for either of us. We are friends so we continue to wish the best for each other. We wanted to find help in the separation process from someone who would really listen to OUR wishes instead of someone who would potentially push either of us in a direction that we were not comfortable with. Kirsty was very thorough making sure that we both provided all of the financial information that would make the final outcome completely fair for both of us. That being said, she also listened to both of us and accommodated our wishes whether they were legally required or not. She made the legalities clear to both of us and we took all of the information she provided into consideration. The biggest thing for both of us was the fact that ultimately she respected our wishes and wanted to make sure we would be able to move forward in our individual futures feeling that we met the goals that we originally had set out to accomplish.

April 2018

Colette did an amazing job helping us through a tough situation. I truly believe that we are in a better place working with a mediator then we ever would have been working with separate lawyers. Cannot say enough positive things about the entire process. It was very fair. She listened to both sides of the situation and came up with a fair solution for everyone. Her focus always remained on the best way to keep the family as "whole" as it can be in this situation. The toughest part is always the financial discussions and it can be hard as most of the decisions that need to be made are out of everyone’s hands and are legally mandated. But she helped us through the process and gave us lots of insight into what we could and could not negotiate. Really was a calm guiding hand through the process.

January 2018

The process was streamlined and the steps were well defined — I came into this very overwhelmed and having a structured process eased some of the anxiety and helped reign in any off-topic discussions. Colette was very professional, unbiased and created a safe environment for dialogue. She was very accommodating with the fact that all communication had to be done long distance and helped bridge the distance gap by providing continuous updates and responding to e-mails in a timely fashion.

September 2017

The way they make you feel from start to finish was great. I felt very comfortable and relaxed each time I went in to talk. If you stay within the guidelines and both parties are civil the process works great and very smoothly. Bringing in the lawyer really helped on some of the questions in the back of my mind that I thought of but didn’t really know if it was worth bringing up. I can’t say more than a big thank you to the team at Fairway Divorce Waterloo.

August 2017

Colette and her team at ‘Fairway Divorce Solutions’ helped us to maneuver through the painful experience of separation in an amicable and efficient manner. By providing clear instructions and step-by-step procedures we were able to get through the process quickly.

July 2017

Thank you for the final paperwork. I enjoyed our last meeting with you and appreciate all that you’ve done. You’ve been kind and thoughtful throughout this difficult time in my life.

July 2017

Thank you very much. I appreciate that and it was so fast! You guys are amazing and I appreciate everyone I have dealt with since I started to go through this nightmare and very difficult time. I don’t know who you to but they need to know the team they have is amazing.

June 2017

The Fairway process removed a lot of the conflict and bitterness from an otherwise very painful process. It helped to take a lot of the emotion out of an emotional time, to allow clear thought at a time where emotions can easily take control. The people at Fairway are very professional and knowledgeable in what they do. They have a vast pool of experience they pull from to help guide to a more peaceful and fair resolution.

December 2016

I wanted to share with you something that I hope your potential clients will learn from. In early 2016, a friend who used you for his divorce recommended us to Fairway. He was very happy with the cost and time frame in which everything got completed. My wife and myself came into see Fairway in January 2016 and based on our situation, we were quoted $7,000 each. My wife unfortunately decided to get a lawyer instead of using Fairway and I had no choice but to find one too. Last week we just finalized our separation agreement and my legal bill alone was $45,000. The entire process was extremely stressful on us, our 2 young kids and our respective families & friends. We’ve used up a significant amount of our savings to get through this entire process. Looking back on the whole experience, I am confident that using Fairway would have cost us a lot less money and minimized the stress on our entire family.

July 2016

You are such a compassionate person, Colette. This was definitely the right process for me. I felt safe and for the most part, heard.

June 2016

Thank you so much again for working with us. I really enjoyed the behavioural style part. I found this very informative and will help in the process of understanding my former spouse more which ultimately makes it easier on our son who is number 1.

March 2016

The FAIRWAY is not only the “fair” way, but it’s the easy way as well!!!

January 2016

Colette was very detailed in explaining everything to us. I appreciated how quickly the process happened for us. I have a co-worker in a similar situation and have recommended Fairway to her. Thanks for helping us through this challenging time.

November 2015

"Where do I begin? I guess at the start.

This divorce was very complicated because I was living out-of-country and my “ex” was living in Canada. I had moved to a different country with my work in 2006.

I went through much pain trying to figure out why I was experiencing feelings of anxiety and loneliness. It wasn’t just the fact that I was in a different country, and I came to the realization that I had changed and that we had grown apart. This results in one person wanting to go in one direction and the other in another; neither is necessarily wrong but they find their lives growing apart.

I thought that you need to find a lawyer to help you through this complicated system of ours that we call divorce. I thought a lawyer would make it easier for both of us… Man, was I wrong!!!

In the beginning, my lawyer sounded sympathetic and had my best interest at heart, however, after a year and half and about $35,000.00 dollars later, we were no farther ahead than when we started. By this time my “ex” and I were even more mad at each other than when we started!!! As well, each time I called the lawyer I was charged. Every phone call, every e-mail and every fax was charged…$35,000 worth and we never did get a divorce!!!

It was just over a year ago that my ex-wife had seen an advertisement called “Fairway Divorce Solutions” which was a mediation system that she was willing to try. I had some doubts but I said if you are willing, so am I.

I know that without the mediation and counseling skills of Wes and Kristy, we would still be in the same situation – angry and too broke to get a divorce using lawyers. Wes and Kristy were able to let my ex-wife and I vent our frustrations and help us to see that there was hope and that life could still be great at the end of this process. They took extensive time with us and showed real care and concern for both of us.

It was like a breath of fresh air to know that I could call and talk and know that I wasn’t being charged by the hour. The flat fee that they charged was worth every penny and nothing compared to the money that I had spent on a lawyer with no results!!! We were told up front exactly what the costs would be and there were no unpleasant surprises!!!

The Fairway system helps you maintain your dignity and that makes you feel like a real person not just another “victim” in our judicial system. I really felt that Wes and Kristy were looking to find a positive “win-win” for both myself and my ex and not trying to take sides.

You guys you went far and above what I ever thought you would do for us, and you are still in contact to make sure everything is ok. In the end all I can say is a huge and heartfelt THANK-YOU!!!

November 2015

After thirty-five years, it was decided to call it quits. With sizeable assets & no children in the equation, Fairway saved each of us thousands & thousands of dollars and much emotional trauma, resulting in a friendly, civil divorce, acceptable to each of us

August 2015

“Clean Break”, along with Fairway Divorce Solutions®, will absolutely save you time, money, energy and – for sure – months of unnecessary heartache. It is about time someone cut through the grease and cleaned up the messy costly divorce process.

Dr. John F. Demartini
Best Selling Author of “The Breakthrough Experience”

I am a matrimonial lawyer and have worked with some of Fairway’s clients for almost 10 years. I have found that their mediated resolutions plans are professional, and that when completed with the benefit of independent legal advice, have achieved a good and economic result for the clients.

Warren Jennings
Calgary Family Lawyer

The Fairway process of divorce offers a much less costly and stressful alternative to the legal system; the legal system is premised on the parties being ‘adversaries’ and ‘battling it out’. As a practicing lawyer, I see the stress and turmoil families go through when dealing with divorce. Karen Stewart’s Fairway process offers those involved a lifeboat, a ‘fair way’ to end their marriage and move on with their life without becoming mired in the legal system.

Brian Conway