Lori Heywood

Lori Heywood B.Ed

Resolution Expert, Mediation Associate, Client Associate

AddressLeMarchand Mansion, Suite 206, 11523 100 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 0J8
INR Certificate of Completion
Professional Experience

Lori brings an extraordinary level of compassion and understanding to the proverbial mediation table. With over 30 years of experience in family support ranging from teacher, family literacy facilitator, adult community learning facilitator, Healthy Families Healthy Futures board member, child intervention worker, community programs coordinator, and home visitor empowering families in the most vulnerable situations, Lori has the experience and the training to support every family dynamic imaginable. While serving as both a Client Associate and a Resolution Expert, every Fairway Edmonton client may have the opportunity to speak with Lori at some point in their Fairway journey. Lori comes to Fairway Divorce Solutions very deliberately - the unique INR method offered to individuals as they redefine their family dynamic is outstanding. This well-defined, tried-and-true method has proven itself over time by helping countless families achieve a solution to their family breakdown while preserving their relationships, time, and assets.

No matter where in life a couple may find themselves, Lori will help them define where they want to be and help them see that common ground to get there. Divorce is one of the top three stressors in life and Lori gets that, holds space for that, and helps families get on their Clear Road to a New Life.

Practice Areas

Divorce Mediation

  • Grey divorce
  • High conflict divorce
  • Divorcing with children
  • Divorce while incarcerated
  • Parenting coordination
  • Same-sex relationships

Family mediation

  • Elder care

Updated: May 12, 2023

No matter where I called from Lori always answered my call and helped me figure out what I need.


After I started working with Lori I felt I finally have some support. I can talk with someone without judgement. I feel less overwhelmed with support in place.


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