Tracy Kendel

Owner & Principle of Fairway Divorce Solutions Saskatoon

Tracy Kendel

Tracy Kendel

Owner of Saskatoon Fairway Divorce Solutions

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Saskatoon is home to owner Tracy Kendel who has brought closure to thousands of couples throughout Saskatchewan. Her knowledge, expertise and available resources can walk you and your spouse through a step-by-step divorce process assisting in refinancing, real estate values and financial planning.

Tracy has owned the Saskatoon franchise for over 10 years and is very diligent in providing her clients what they aim to achieve when completing their separation agreement. Tracy is excellent at what she does, and in 2010 she received the Top Senior Negotiator Award in North America and in 2017 she received Top Producer in Canada.

We believe in negotiating a fair and equitable division of assets and time with children when focusing on your separation agreement so that clients can become future-focused. We are unique in that we charge a flat fee and guarantee a shorter time frame than compared to an average divorce lawyer. Tracy works with clients throughout Saskatchewan and looks forward to working with you.

Tracy Kendel works out of the Saskatoon and Regina offices (an independently owned franchise). Tracy has a Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree from the University of Saskatchewan and is certified in the Fairway Independently Negotiated Resolution.™ As the owner of Fairway Divorce in Saskatoon, Tracy opened the office in 2009 and has since helped over 500 couples reach resolution on divorce in Saskatoon. In addition, Tracy is currently a Notary Public and has had the opportunity to work with some of the top law firms in Saskatoon as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal. Tracy is excellent at what she does and in 2010 she received the Top Senior Negotiator Award in North America.


  • Mediator with extensive Farm negotiation experience
  • Creative Custody Plans
  • Efficient and future-focused

Education, Training, and Accomplishments

Top Producer Award
Fairway Divorce Solutions
Senior Negotiator Award
Fairway Divorce Solutions
Saskatchewan Community Mediation Services
Bachelor of Arts & Science (Sociology)
University of Saskatchewan
Social Work Program
University of Regina
Legal Administrative Assistant Program Courses
Saskatoon Business College
Legal Assistant Diploma
Red Deer College

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