Nahannai Lewis

Resolution Expert, Mediator

Nahannai Lewis

Nahannai Lewis

Q.Med, CDFA®, IMI Qualified Mediator

Resolution Expert, Mediator

Tel: (204) 414-9181


Nahannai Lewis is a Senior Negotiator with Fairway Divorce Solutions Winnipeg Office.

Born and raised in Manitoba, Nahannai is passionate about our great city, its diverse constituents and so much of what makes our part of the prairies unique and special. Over the years, Nahannai, has spent countless hours in hockey rinks, cheering on her two children (now adults) and their teammates, sipping coffee at the Forks and enjoying the wide array of different cuisines and restaurants that Winnipeg has to offer.

Nahannai has first-hand knowledge of the impact separation and divorce can have on families and children. Her own personal experience of the broken legal system spanned over many years, depleted personal assets, and cost her tens of thousands of dollars. In the end she was left feeling upset about the lack of control she had in her own situation and the injustice in service when one party can afford a high-priced lawyer and the other one can’t. Because of what she went through, Nahannai brings a compassionate understanding to the various challenges families face today.

As a mediator, Nahannai has a deep level of understanding her clients top priorities and working towards a common goal through active listening skills, clear and effective communication, collaboration, teamwork and being open minded and patient. Her calming nature is sure to put you at ease as she guides you from conflict to negotiation and resolution - while keeping you on track with her efficient and forward-thinking approach.

When Nahannai isn’t working, you will find her spending time with family and friends, traveling to Florida, spoiling her bulldog, Ruby, or listening to an audio book.

In the words of Rachel Hollis “A long well-lived life will have difficult seasons. Don’t trick yourself into believing that everything will be hard just because PARTS of it are hard.” I am here to relieve some of the worry and pressure of the unknown off of you and your family, while helping you discover your new normal, with the least amount of stress possible.

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