Colette Fortin

Separation and Divorce Mediator at Fairway Divorce Solutions, Waterloo-Wellington

Colette Fortin

Colette Fortin

Mediator · Negotiator
and Franchise Owner
Acc.FM · B.Ed · CDFA · CCP

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Colette Fortin works out of the Waterloo/Wellington office (an independently owned franchise). Colette is considered one of the leading mediators/divorce coaches in Southern Ontario. She is an Accredited Family Mediator (Acc.FM), a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), and a member of both the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM) and the ADR Institute of Ontario. Colette brings over 20 years of teaching and coaching experience to the Waterloo/Wellington office and has successfully facilitated the mediation process for hundreds of divorcing couples. She has become the region’s go-to spokesperson on separation and divorce mediation and is a frequent guest and speaker for local media.

Colette Fortin works out of the Waterloo/Wellington location, an independently owned Fairway Divorce Solutions® franchise.

Divorce happens to good people. It means a change in your family relationships, but it doesn’t have to destroy them. I am committed to bringing a family-centered approach to the problematic issues of separation and divorce. Why litigate when you can mediate a fair settlement? Canada’s traditional system has failed families and children. Our courts are backlogged, and people need a process that can allow them to move forward with dignity and optimism for the future.

As Owner and Senior Mediator/Negotiator of Fairway Divorce Waterloo/Wellington, Colette is a very experienced divorce coach in both conflict resolution and communication. Leading the team serving Southwestern Ontario, she has personally burned through the fire of divorce and knows first hand how difficult a transition it can be. In her teaching profession, Colette has personally witnessed how disruptive forces of divorce can leave children confused and uncertain about their future.

She understands the fears couples have when facing the difficult decisions surrounding their divorce. To these challenges, Colette brings great empathy skills, compassion, and understanding of the dynamics of human relationships offering the mediation skills to keep focused on the future. Helping couples rebuild communication post-separation is a unique area of specialization that Colette offers. She provides communication coaching to all her clients, helping them build skills for thriving in the new relationship structure. Colette can help clients make sense of the complex issues of divorce – financial as well as emotional – so they are empowered to make good decisions about their future. Recognizing the toll that a traditional divorce process can have on relationships (with each other and with their children) and the associated drain of assets, she has worked with hundreds of couples to achieve their best outcome possible.

Colette has been a frequent guest on 570/Ask the Expert and several other talk shows in the Region such as Rogers Talk Local and 570 Talk radio. She has also been featured in local newspapers and The Grand Magazine. Colette frequently speaks at support groups, trade shows and business groups about communication and the impact of divorce on the family and in the workplace.

Education And Training

The Art of Mindful Mediation
University of Waterloo, Waterloo
Conflict Coaching Skills
University of Waterloo
Managing Difficult Conversations
University of Waterloo
Certificate in Advanced Family Mediation
Advance Certificate in Conflict Management
University of Waterloo
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Certified Coach Practitioner
Bachelor of Education Degree
University of Alberta, Edmonton
Bachelor of Arts Degree with Major in Sociology and Minor in Psychology
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Professional Experiences

Since 2010, Colette has been the Owner and Senior Mediator of the Waterloo/Wellington office of Fairway Divorce Solutions. When she first opened the office, Divorce Mediation was a relatively unknown process in the area. Now with a team of four, they are Waterloo Region’s number one Divorce Mediation service – providing a true alternative to the traditional court and litigation route for couples wishing to divorce.

Part of the success of the Waterloo/Wellington office has been the extensive professional network of experts that Colette has developed to assist their clients. This includes several prominent family law lawyers, business valuation and pension experts, financial planners and real estate agents.

Colette also conducts a number of seminars on a regular basis for businesses throughout the Region. These seminars and Lunch & Learns include workshops on topics such as ‘The Impact of Divorce in the Workplace,’ ‘Separation and Divorce – knowing your alternatives,’ ‘Building Better Communication Skills’ and specifically for the real estate market, ‘How Divorce Impacts the Real Estate Transaction.’

Colette has become Waterloo Region’s ‘go-to’ expert on all matters involving divorce. She is often called upon by the area’s media teams for comments and opinions on divorce news. Colette is also a regular contributor to social network channels with divorce and separation related blogs. As a result, she is often referred by area professionals to mediate the most complex, high net worth divorce cases. Colette also takes great pride in her office’s track record of over 95% successful resolutions and usually completed in under 120 days.

Prior to Fairway, Colette was an elementary school teacher for 20 years with both Boards of Education in the Waterloo Region. Here she honed her communication skills while she witnessed first hand, and dealt with the impact that the disruptive forces of divorce can have on children. With the goal of changing that experience for future generations, she left teaching to complete her extensive training on all areas of Divorce Mediation – conflict resolution, divorce financial analyst, family law and family/parenting mediation.

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