The Fairway Model

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Divorce the Fair Way

Fairway Divorce Solutions is Canada's preeminent choice for discreet and timely divorce resolution. We have offices across the country and are expanding our footprint as families look for alternative ways to resolve divorce. We have spent over 15 years working with well-meaning and fair-minded clients who have assets, children or both to protect. The team at Fairway is committed to changing the way divorce happens, and we are proud to have brought 5,200 couples to a peaceful divorce resolution.

We all know divorce can result in expensive and lengthy litigation. That is why The Fairway Model focuses on resolution, not fighting in court battles.

Bottom line, we are the best choice for families with children and who have assets worth protecting who do not want to spend years in negotiations.

Our goal is to help you reduce time, cost and stress. Fairway's boutique approach accomplishes this by using highly skilled and experienced Resolution Experts that focus on getting you and your spouse to a fair resolution in a strictly confidential way.

Our resolution experts mediate and negotiate your independent outcomes. They also ensure that other professionals, including Lawyers, Accountants, Estate Planners, and Business Valuators, are kept on task and within targets so that you and your family get the best possible outcome in a timely fashion.

We are here to help you lay the foundation for independent futures that preserve your wealth and protect key relationships, so you can begin your new life.

Independently Negotiated Resolution (INR)

Independently Negotiated Resolution

Divorce Mediation / Negotiations

At Fairway, we use a proprietary step-by-step mediation model,"Independently Negotiated Resolution™," designed to take you and your spouse independently through a process that brings resolution in all areas in divorce.

Our process is voluntary and requires both parties to agree to engage our services. We also offer our process to individuals in the situation where both parties are unwilling to engage in a mediation-based service.

Whether your situation is straightforward, complex or highly conflicted, our process can work for you.

The Canadian court system is not the best place for you and your spouse to resolve your issues. While legal advice is prudent, there is a time and place for it. Our process avoids needless fighting and legal costs.

The Clear Road to a New Life

The Clear Road to a New life…

Envision Your Future First.

The Fairway Model is based on the premise that a divorce is an event in your life. This event should not define you. However, how you choose to go through your divorce will define what your new life looks like. We are committed to ensuring you achieve your best outcome by spending time helping you paint a picture of what your divorce outcome looks like and what you hope for your future. Starting your divorce by envisioning your new life first, helps you stay focused on making smart decisions that will stand the test of time.

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The Four Cornerstones of the Fairway Model

Using The Fairway Model means each client is guided through the process separately to empower non-emotional, well-informed decision making. You get the best from all disciplines; in-house legal education, financial expertise for division of property and support, and independent legal advice, all committed to ensuring your separation and divorce agreements stand the test of time and protect your rights.

Reduce Time

Divorce takes time, and our goal is to help you move through your divorce in the most efficient and fast way possible.

Did you know an average divorce takes about three years in Canada? That is a lot of unnecessary time to feel the amount of stress and pressure associated with divorce. Our team believes there is no reason to be in the divorcing process for that long.

The Fairway Model takes you by the hand and walks through each step associated with your divorce decision-making process. Our INR process achieves resolution within 120 days of receiving financial disclosure. Meaning you are in and out of the difficult divorce negotiations, regardless of the complexity, within four (4) months. The rest of your time with Fairway is about information gathering, analysis and agreement drafting. So, in addition to significantly reducing the time for your entire divorce process, we also reduce the time in what can be challenging negotiations and mediations.

Reduce Cost

At Fairway, we charge a flat fee. You know from the start what your divorce will cost, so there are no nasty surprises. This approach ensures that all parties are on the same side of the table - no one is motivated to drag it on. Our pricing considers if you have children and the complexity of your financial situation. We strive to be at least ½ the cost of the traditional system.

Reduce Stress

Our INR process takes each party independently through the process. This substantially reduces stress and prevents power struggles between parties. Each person can move through the process and make decisions without feeling pressured or stressed. We use mediation, negotiations and navigation techniques to ensure each party is well informed, does not make decisions under pressure and that you understand your legal rights before you sign anything.

Protect the Kids

At Fairway, kids come first, and everything we do is about ensuring that your children are not victims of your divorce. We are committed to working with you to develop a comprehensive parenting plan addressing all parenting concerns, including money, scheduling and communication, that will work for all parties. Most importantly, our plans set your children up for success and self-confidence.

The Fairway Model Works

Our Resolution Experts Use Three Approaches in our INR Process

We Mediate

Our Experts are licensed Mediators who have the skill and knowledge to bring two people who do not see eye to eye to resolution in a way that reduces stress and achieves a fair outcome. Our mediation tactics are unique in that we do not always drive people to a middle ground, but rather we focus on the best outcome for all parties.

We Negotiate

In many situations, there is a power imbalance. One party may hold the purse strings, and the other party may have more control over parenting. In this case, traditional mediation does not work. Our Resolution Experts are trained negotiators with empowering negotiation skills that ensure a fair outcome is achieved based on the law and your wishes. We never want our clients to feel like they could have done better in court. Often the middle ground is not always the fair ground, and in this case, negotiation tactics work better than mediation methodology.

We Navigate

In many cases, our clients require input from other professionals; Lawyers who provide independent legal advice and business structure advice; accountants who provide structure and tax advice, and business valuators who value companies, etc. In this case, our Resolution Experts are hands on deck to ensure that other professionals are held to task and do not derail or stall the process. Making sound decisions on factual information is key, but ensuring that this is achieved in a timely, cost-efficient way is our job. You can rest assured we are looking out to ensure you keep the money you worked so hard to make.

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Highlights of The Fairway Model

Divorce and Separation Agreements

At Fairway, it is important to us that the traditional system of divorce does not unnecessarily unravel all the hard work you put into mediation and negotiations. We have a Matrimonial Lawyer who will draft your fully executable Separation/Divorce Agreement and ensure that the terms reflect the intentions of both parties. You will also have your own lawyer that will represent you (provide independent legal advice) and ensure that you understand your legal rights and whether or not your Divorce Agreement is fair legally. Fairway does not at any time provide you with legal advice as that would bias our negotiations. As part of our process, you will attend the "What is the Law™" Seminar to understand basic divorce law 101 and relevant court and settlement trends.

Divorce Filing

At Fairway, we walk you through the necessary steps to complete your divorce from start to finish. The final step in the Fairway Model is the divorce filing. Once you receive independent legal advice, Fairway offices may, at your request, prepare your divorce documents. We make it easy to process all documentation, and then our in-house counsel will guide you through the information before filing it with the court. You can either do this yourself or hire a professional to assist you.

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Financial and Property Division (Including Spousal)

Financial disputes are the main cause of drawn-out litigation and court battles. While we are all about the kids at Fairway, we believe that our Resolution Experts must have financial expertise. Our job is to help you divide the financial pie and ensure that how it is done will preserve your wealth, protect the assets, and provide long-term security. Given the complexity of many of our client's financial situations (business, trust accounts, options, SARS, shareholder agreements, real estate, family business etc.), our Resolution Experts have financial knowledge in a variety of specialized areas. They also have a variety of academic backgrounds including, finance, law and mediation. Our team produces financially sound resolutions that do not overburden either party. A fair financial outcome is achievable.

Divorce Mediation/Arbitration

Divorce arbitration is a procedure in which the parties agree to submit their dispute to a mutually acceptable independent third party for binding decisions regarding the dissolution of marriage. There has been a movement towards using Mediation/Arbitration contracts whereby you hire a professional who will arbitrate a decision if you both cannot agree. The parties agree beforehand to be bound by this decision.

It is important to know that while this is becoming more common, we prefer to use this process as a last resort. The entire premise of the Fairway Model is that you get to be the architect of your own destiny. Binding arbitration is the opposite. You want to participate in a mediation platform where you are encouraged to express yourself and not feel like what you do or say will be held against you. Mediation/Arbitration (Med/Arb) does not bode well for having control of your outcome.

Co-Parenting Plans

Divorce is difficult for all members of the family, especially the kids. At Fairway, we are passionate about protecting the kids and ensuring that they are not victims or damaged by your divorce. Fairway believes that the kids can thrive, and their self-esteem can remain intact if you move through divorce with them as your number one priority. Our Resolution Experts will work closely with you to create a parenting plan that works for all family members and will stand the test of time as the children grow up. Our Fairway Parenting Plans are very comprehensive and will provide you and your spouse with a road map for raising your kids. Fairway's Mediators will also address issues around money, including child support and extraordinary expenses as well as scheduling, holidays, education and communication.