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Guide For Divorcing Parents

How To Help Your Children Through Separation and Divorce Download Now


The Connection Between Mediation and Neuroscience Download Now

Divorce and Your Finances

Managing your finances can be challenging. However, it is often the decisions that you make, or don’t make, during transitional periods in your life that will have the most impact on your overall financial picture. Download Now

Facilitating Change In Divorce Mediation

There are many theories of change that help with reducing the internal conflict. This paper reviews three models; Transtheoretical model, Lewin’s 3-step Change Theory and the Kubler-Ross Change Theory. Download Now


The ’AHA’ Experience Download Now

Tax Toolkit

Separation and Divorce Download Now

Telling the Children About your Separation

Download Now

Will Planning Checklist

Download Now

Emotion Regulation in High Conflict Mediation

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We Work with Your Lawyer

Fairway Divorce Solutions®, mediates the financial and parenting issues while the lawyers provide independent legal advice and draft the contracts.

When we came to Fairway, I was not convinced they could solve our financial disagreements. We couldn’t agree on our pension, our home or the value of our business that we grew together. Fairway’s professionals helped us resolve our differences in valuations and provided us a conclusion to what we thought was going to be a very messy battle. It was clean, concise and fair.”

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