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Fairway Divorce was founded in 2006 to help Canadian families transition through separation and divorce efficiently and without draining their assets. We’re experts in divorce, family, business and conflict resolution and mediation, with locations across Canada to serve you.

Our leadership team provides more than just expert oversight. Changing the way people resolve conflict is our passion. Our singular goal is to ensure that our proprietary mediation process is available to anyone seeking a better resolution path. Our commitment is to use our collective financial, entrepreneurial, legal, technology and business strategy understanding to change the way we resolve conflict, one family at a time.

Executive Team

Karen Stewart
Karen Stewart, B.Sc, MBA, C.Med, ICD.D
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Karen Stewart is an accomplished financial entrepreneur, having founded or co-founded eight businesses over her 30-year career. After experiencing a difficult and distressful divorce, Karen resolved to find a better way. Combining her financial acumen and entrepreneurial expertise, she created Fairway Divorce Solutions in 2006.

Fairway is a national dispute resolution company delivering a better alternative to traditional divorce and conflict resolution. Karen developed Fairway’s unique INR method; a step-by-step process that dramatically reduces time, costs, stress and protects the children during the process.

In 2008, Karen released her first best-selling book Clean Break: How to Divorce with Dignity and Move on with Your Life. In addition to her first book Karen has continued to write articles and books on the subject of divorce including Divorce for Women: A Guide to Creating a Better Life After Divorce and Divorce for Men: A Guide to Creating a Better Life After Divorce. She’s a recipient of PROFIT Magazine’s Top 100 Business Women award, Calgary’s Woman of Vision Award, andUniversal Women’s Network, Women of Inspiration; Advocate and Catalyst for Change award. Karen is a sought-after speaker known for her inspiring presentations, shared at events and institutions including University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business, Vancouver’s Wellness Show, HRPA Seminars, E-Women Network Luncheon’s, Breathe Now Conference and the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners. Karen continues to give back to the community by sitting on a number of academic and corporate boards and advisory councils.

Christie Moser
Christie Moser, CPA, CA, CFDS
Chief Financial Officer

Christie Moser takes a business vision and makes it a reality through sound strategy development. Fiercely empathetic, Christie is a forward-thinking business leader who excels in alternative dispute resolution. She holds dual roles as Fairway’s corporate Chief Financial Officer and as a multi-location Franchise Partner. Christie is responsible for helping to identify and lead the company’s strategic development and growth opportunities and generate value for stakeholders as it continues to disrupt the divorce industry and expand its services. Her ability to create operational efficiencies and profitability growth is matched only by her relentless focus on providing excellent client experience.

An astute businesswoman and strategic thinker, Christie has decades of professional experience to bring to the table. She started her career in public accounting, having held various executive finance roles, then provided extensive knowledge and background in large company financial reporting, strategic planning, and performance analysis. An expat experience in the Cayman Islands provided international finance and insurance expertise. Before joining Fairway, Christie’s most recent role was as Finance Director for a large international tax preparation company. In 2022, Christie acquired Fairway’s Calgary flagship operation and was responsible for opening multiple new office locations in Alberta and British Columbia. This rapid expansion has given her an appreciation for the importance of careful planning, disciplined execution, and strong partnership. As a leader, Christie’s strength lies in her ability to mentor and empower top-performing teams.

Christie holds her Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) and Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) designations, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business. Respected as a credible voice in the business world, Christie earns a seat at the table wherever she serves.

Brittany Doucet
Brittany Doucet, B.A., J.D.
General Counsel

Brittany Doucet has practiced almost exclusively in Family Law since being called to the bar. After guiding clients through the court system and litigation, Brittany realized she wished to help people work their way through separation and divorce ina way that wouldn’t destroy the family unit.

At Fairway, Brittany works closely with our Resolution Experts and office locations across Canada to ensure each has the most current understanding of matrimonial and family law. She provides legal information about family law to clients and consultative advice to our resolution experts on matters affecting individual case files to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

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Fairway Solutions Corporate

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Franchise Development Team

Cameron Don
Cameron Don, CDFA®
Franchise Training & Mentoring

As a senior mediator at Fairway, Cameron Don has pursued his passion for assisting people in difficult situations. He has a unique ability to understand both the financial details and the family dynamics that influence the separation and divorce process. His years of extensive mediation experience have been enhanced by expertise in financial analysis and finding the best solution through an intuitive problem-solving skillset.

Having been through the wrong side of conflict resolution, Cameron believes in the Fairway process. He remains dedicated to guiding families to the other side of conflict and as a trusted mentor and guide to our resolution experts.

Colette Fortin
Colette Fortin, Acc. FM, CDFA®, B.Ed
Franchise Training & Mentoring

Colette Fortin is one of the leading mediators and divorce coaches in Southern Ontario. As the owner-operator of Fairway Waterloo-Wellington for the past ten years, Colette has been a positive force, using her 20 years of experience in family-centered conflict resolution to guide hundreds of couples to the other side of disputes and on with their lives. She is an Accredited Family Mediator, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and a member of both the Ontario Association for Family Mediation and the ADR Institute of Ontario.

As a well-regarded franchisee, instructor and leader, Colette oversees the training program for all new franchise partners and mediators, ensuring each person who represents Fairway masters the knowledge and tools needed to emerge as a conscientious business owner and efficient INR mediation expert.

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Our Saskatoon office, has enjoyed over 10 years of success. I am thankful that Fairway has motivated me to grow both personally and professionally with my business. I have since received my Q.Med designation and several other designations throughout my 10 years. Fairway has given me the means to be both self-employed as well as actively involved with my young family. I look forward to helping even more families for many years to come.

Tracy Kendel

Fairway Solutions, Board of Directors

Don Thompson
Don Thompson
Board Director

Don Thompson, QC, is a former lawyer who has acted as a legal industry regulator for over 35 years.

Called to the bar originally in BC, Don relocated to Alberta to lead the Law Society of Alberta as CEO for 19 years. His career work focused on yielding inter-organizational change through the leadership of national and regional groups and organizations, many of which he continues to lead today. Don’s interests and expertise also include business process design, organizational and change management, governance, professional competence, the law and practice of professional regulation, and access to justice.

Don believes individuals and families transitioning through a divorce or separation should have access to the type of mediation expertise Fairway provides, allowing them a healthy and constructive future.

Shawn Wilson
Shawn Wilson
Board Director

Shawn Wilson has been founding, operating, and financing successful businesses for over a decade. Well respected as a creative dealmaker, his diligence, drive, and thirst for knowledge are critical factors in his success. To date, Shawn’s areas of focus have been technology, marketing, and finance. He recognized the Internet’s extraordinary potential in its early days and has leveraged that power to build several dynamic and profitable companies.

Shawn is the Founder and CEO of Muzooka, a platform that allows artists to manage media assets from any festival, venue, ticketing, or radio platform on one central hub. Muzooka also sends verified show reports to collecting societies to ensure rights holders are properly paid when their songs are performed live. The company is an industry leader, encompassing 1.6 million artists and some of the industry’s biggest companies, including iHeart, Billboard, The Grammys, Gracenote, Eventbrite, and many more.

In 2001, Shawn co-founded The Canadian Equity Group and successfully sold his stake in 2005. He then co-founded Strategic Sales Delivery to develop and market a new mortgage delivery platform. The company secured an exclusive contract with Marlborough Stirling Canada, owned by United Utilities ($4B Market Cap).

Peter Baran
Peter Baran
Board Director

Peter Baran is a leadership coach, business strategy consultant and process improvement expert whose skillset is invaluable to Fairway.

Growing up working in a small family business, Pete went on to work for multiple Fortune 500 companies, rising to VP. Wanting to make more of an impact, Pete took on challenging mandates, including as a partner of a rapidly growing IT project services company and CEO of a start-up B2G services company. He’s acted as a turnaround COO of a TSX listed B2B bio-composite manufacturing company, Director of Projects and Corporate Strategy for a rapidly expanding luxury food retailer and “fix-it guy” for the Alberta Department of Energy. He’s also a founding Board Member of the BC Land Titles and Survey Authority.

Peter has a degree in Commerce from the University of BC, a certificate in High-Performance Leadership from Cornell University, a certificate in Process Engineering from Villanova University, and courses in Financial Statement Analysis and Mentorship from the Sauder School of Business.

As a firm believer that each of us can change the world, Peter is committed to being the difference.

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