Family Mediation Services

Focusing on Protecting your Wealth and Children during a Divorce

The Better Way to Divorce

Family mediation and counselling services have been around for some time offering assistance to parents and families in Canada. Fairway specializes in divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation is about you and your soon to be ex-spouse resolving the issues on divorce without the court battles of the traditional system. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is structured to bring mutual agreements on your disputes using a professional mediator trained in expertise that applies to your divorce case. It is about making educated decisions about what is in the best interest of your children and your assets in a more amicable and common-sense way. With divorce mediation, you and your spouse meet with a neutral third party who is an experienced mediator whose job is to facilitate your negotiations and help drive positive outcomes.

It is best to focus on achieving agreement in pragmatic, cost-efficient way. Using a mediator who is advanced in their financial skills will help you compare the different options with regards to property division, child and spousal support.

At Fairway, we understand that your children are the most important and after thousands of cases and over a decade of experience we also know that money is the issue that causes most conflict for couples. Keeping these two areas somewhat separate in your negotiations helps drive smart decisions, speeding up the resolution process. You will not waste time on co-mingling issues causing circular arguments and strong position bargaining which in turn costs money and unnecessary stress.

You should avoid Position Bargaining

Position bargaining is the tactic that divorce lawyer most commonly take when they are fighting or arguing on behalf of their client. The concept is that you take a position, and then you negotiate and manipulate facts and stories to achieve the outcome you want. This position often finds its way into affidavits that have “fiction” labeled as “fact.” This will increase the conflict between the parties substantially. Once an affidavit is filed with the courts, you cannot ever take those words back. This often results in the destruction of relationships and the ability to ever co-parent. While having a position makes sense as a place to start, the best outcomes for both parties are accomplished when each spouse can step aside, see the bigger picture and achieve a resolution that protects assets and children while preserving costs and relationships. Not to mention avoiding the added stress of legal battles.

The other challenge with position bargaining is that both parties and their lawyers will often start at the most extreme end of the spectrum with spousal support and property, knowing full well that in the end, both will have to move to a more neutral middle ground. With the matrimonial laws in Canada being as clear as they are, it makes more sense to start from a reasonable place, to begin with. This is the strategy that a well-trained, knowledgeable mediator will take and at Fairway our Independently Negotiated Resolution™ (INR) model does just that.

Over 10 years and thousands of national success stories

We have taken what works from the traditional practices and left behind what causes unnecessary costs and chaos both financially and for relationships. We created a new national service and paradigm-shifting model within the outdated divorce Industry — one that focuses on doing what is best for you, considering your rights, and yet does not destroy everything in the process. Plus, we pride ourselves on great customer service as well as ensuring you know exactly where you are in the process, what is next, and where we are heading. You are in the know and feel in control.

The Fairway Process™ focuses on saving your wealth and assets, not destroying them.

Divorce mediation may not be suitable for all couples going through a separation. Couples that are usually not suited include; where there is physical violence involved, or when one party is in another country and unreachable, or if you have nothing to negotiate. In other words, you have no assets, debt or children. In the case of no assets or children, you are best suited to go directly to divorce filing. Fairway has a cheap and easy divorce filing service for this purpose. For those couples who have agreed on most issues and need a neutral party’s objective view to ensure nothing was missed, Fairway Divorce Solutions offers the “Fast Track” service.

For those with money and children to protect and who want to preserve their wealth and co-parenting relationship then choosing alternative dispute resolution (mediation) makes the most sense. There are many individuals and companies offering mediation.

Fairway’s proprietary mediation model is cost-effective

Fairway is set apart by its experience and success in bringing resolution to thousands of couples in Canada using its proprietary INR™ independently negotiated resolution process. Fairway charges either a fixed flat fee based on your situation and complexity, or you can choose a flat base, plus hourly. Fairway strives to ensure that our pricing model is designed such that we are not motivated to drag your case on. We are less expensive and much faster than using lawyers to fight it out in the court of law. Plus, your outcomes are better.

Lawyers have a duty to inform you about Mediation

Mediation services save the court system hundreds of millions each year, and they recognize that most cases simply do not belong in the courthouse. That’s why in Canada, lawyers must inform their clients that divorce mediation services, like ours, are available to assist in settling personal matters and in reaching a reasonable agreement.

The Fairway Process

Independently Negotiated Resolution

INR is a family mediation process exclusive to our centres. It focuses on bringing proven mediated resolution—with importance on assets and children—to couples who want to get divorced. Learn how the Independently Negotiated Resolution model works and how it can resolve conflicts without having to stand in front of a Judge.

Fast Track Divorce Mediation & Resolution

Our shortened version of the INR process for couples that agree on how they want to resolve parenting and/or Financial issues but just need help in pulling it all together. Completion in 120 Days after financial disclosure with Fast Track.

Keeping it simple but still focused on results.

The Fairway Process

The focus is on turning good intentions into good results by empowering both the children and the parents with a well thought out parenting plan.