Divorce Facts & Stats

The Numbers are Staggering

Divorce Touches Everyone

Divorce is, unfortunately, a part of our everyday life. It touches everyone, if not directly then via friends, colleagues and other family members. Fairway Divorce Solutions® is committed to changing the way divorce happens™ and ensuring that those who are touched by it are not creating negative legacies for themselves or their children.

Here are some interesting statistics we have discovered on the topic of divorce. Some you may already know, others may shock you.

Divorce Costs

Average Cost & Time:

  • The average cost to divorce is $18,000 per person
  • The average divorce in Canada takes 3 years

Divorce Facts

Top Reasons People Get Divorced:

  • Relationship has “run out of steam”
  • Communication Breakdown
  • Unreasonable Behaviour
  • Infidelity
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Money

You are more likely to get divorced if:

  • One or both of you are smokers
  • One person does all the household chores
  • You are friends with people who are divorced
  • You met in a bar/club/lounge
  • You have financial problems
  • You married at a very young age

You are less likely to get divorced if:

  • It’s your first marriage
  • Your parents are still married
  • You are over the age of 25
  • You went to college

Staggering Statistics

You are more likely to get a divorce if you have been married before:

  • 41% of 1st marriages end in divorce
  • 60% of 2nd marriages end in divorce
  • 73% of 3rd marriages end in divorce

Divorce Stats Related to Businesses

Current research and thinking from the world of economics and social sciences highlight a number of conclusions. The most important being:

  • Happily married employees increase profitability
  • Unhappily married employees decrease profitability

Marriage and divorce change dynamically over time

  • Employees are either succeeding in happy relationships or moving towards failing in unhappy relationships

Failing relationships cost companies money

  • Estimates of 6 billion is lost by American businesses due to decreased productivity stemming from marriage and relationship difficulties (Forthofer, Markham, Cox, Stanley & Kessler, 1996)
  • For an average employee making $20/hour, the projected cost of that employee divorcing is over $8,000

Marital problems often cost decreased productivity

  • Divorce can disrupt the productivity of the individual worker for as long as three years (Lavy, 2002)
  • In the year following divorce, employees can lose an average of over 168 hours of work time, equivalent to being absent four weeks

Divorcing employees often have serious health concerns

  • Stress-related issues cost corporate American 300 Billion annually (Velasquez-Manoff, 2005)
  • Stress is a two way street between work and home
  • Depressed employees cost companies 44 billion annually (Stewart, Ricci, Chee, Hahn & Morganstein, 2003)
  • Higher Health care costs (increase insurance premiums)
  • Higher Tax liability