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At Fairway Waterloo Wellington we know how hard divorce conflict can be. We developed our Independently Negotiated Resolution™ (INR) mediation method to get you through it one manageable step at a time. We’ll help you understand the issues, make informed decisions, reach an agreement, and move into the future.

The benefits you get from Fairway

Get back to living againGoing through a divorce can be exhausting, stressful, and all-consuming. Your mediator will help you get you through it in months, not years, so you can move forward into your future, sooner.

Reduce time, stress, and expenseThe Fairway INR method is a proven, process-driven way that moves you both through the divorce process fairly, efficiently, and far more cost-effectively than expensive and stressful courtroom battles.

Keep moving aheadWhen a marriage ends it can be difficult to work together. But instead of stalling out when one person isn’t ready to talk about an issue, our process allows you to work privately with your mediator through many steps of the process, in the order that works best.

Use the right professionals at the right timeDepending on the complexity of your situation, you may need a variety of professional services. We’ll bring in one of our extended independent team of legal, financial, and other experts at just the right time, so you won’t run up unnecessary costs.

How we do things differently

This is our proven results-driven divorce process for couples.
Our premier process for couples with more complex separations that also focuses on life beyond divorce.
For individuals who want move though divorce in a positive way, but whose spouse will not participate.

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Divorce Mediation
Same-sex relationships
Grey divorce
Complex financial arrangements
High net-worth divorce
High conflict divorce
Divorcing with children
This business is owned and operated independently by 2236331 Ontario Inc., who is an authorized licensed user of the trademark Fairway Divorce Solutions®, which trademark is owned by Fairway Divorce Solutions Ltd.

Services offered at Fairway Waterloo Wellington

At Fairway Waterloo Wellington, our job is to get you to the next phase of your life fast and without draining your finances to get there. Fairway mediators are accredited experts in divorce, business and family negotiation, and conflict resolution, and we live where we serve.

We understand the unique needs and landscape of the Waterloo Wellington community, including the current provincial mediation policy. All of Fairway’s final separation agreements and plans are based on the family laws of your jurisdiction, including the: Federal Child Support Guidelines, Family Law Act, Pension Benefits Act, and the Divorce Act. Our unique INR mediation method helps you leave us with everything needed to close this chapter and begin your next adventure.

You’ll never have to wonder if you’ve missed a step or what’s needed from you because we’re with you every step of the way. You’ll work with a dedicated mediator who will guide you through each step of our INR method, keeping negotiations on a timeline and your priorities at the centre of the process. Your mediator will meet with you and your partner or spouse separately when needed to provide both of you the opportunity to make fully informed decisions. Your final separation agreement will reflect everyone’s needs, preferences, vision for the future and based on the marital and divorce laws.

When the process requires additional expertise, we’ll draw from our extended independent team of trusted professionals in real estate, finance, tax, business valuation, pension valuation, and the law.

The team at Waterloo Wellington

As specialists in conflict dispute resolution and policy for divorce, family and business mediation, the Fairway Waterloo Wellington team is equipped to manage a broad range of complexity to resolve amicably and efficiently. Along with their team of dedicated mediators and professionals, we’re here to guide you to the future you imagine.

Colette Fortin
Colette Fortin Acc. FM, CDFA®, B.Ed
Franchise Owner, Resolution Expert, Mediator
Colette Fortin is one of the leading divorce mediators/coaches in Southern Ontario and is the owner-mediator of the Fairway Waterloo office. Colette specializes in family-centred conflict resolution. She has helped guide hundreds of couples to a fair conclusion of their separation while helping preserve their family relationships, especially important for co-parenting situations. Her divorce certifications include Acc.FM, CDFA®, and she is a member of both the OAFM and the ADR Institute of Ontario. Whether it's high net worth, complex financials, business ownership, pensions, Colette ensures clients are empowered to make good decisions about their future.
INR Certified ProfessionalINR Certified TrainerINR Certificate of Completion

Sarah Whyte
Sarah Whyte Acc.FM, MA
Franchise Partner, Resolution Expert, Mediator
Sarah Whyte is an Accredited Family Mediator and a member of the OAFM. Her client-centred approach, coupled with her strong organizational skills, has made her an invaluable member of the Waterloo team. Sarah’s experience in real estate and financial planning helps guide clients through the often emotional financial decisions in the division of assets. Her first-hand knowledge of the impact separation can have on families enables her compassionate understanding of the challenges co-parents face today. Sarah understands the chaos and grief experienced during separation and strives to guide her clients towards a place of hope for the future.
INR Certified ProfessionalINR Certificate of Completion

Michael Kaufman
Michael Kaufman Q.Med, M.S., ORSCC, PCC
Resolution Expert, Mediator
Michael is passionate about helping people better their relationships, especially those going through separation and divorce. His extensive experience in communication and conflict coaching allows him to help his clients keep future-focused during difficult situations. Mike is committed to ensuring his clients feel heard and is masterful at helping people find resolution on complex issues. Drawing on personal experiences, Mike helps couples feel empowered to explore options for optimal asset division and make smart decisions for parenting post-divorce. He is a lifelong learner who continues to improve his coaching and mediation skills.

Deena Gangbar
Resolution Expert, Mediation Associate
Deena Gangbar is a mediation associate with Fairway Divorce Solutions' Waterloo Wellington office. She brings a unique perspective to the role by having a law degree and several years of mediation experience.

Deena thrives in the creative, compassionate solution space while listening attentively to her clients to clearly understand each person's unique situation. Deena loves the unique, step-by-step, Independently Negotiated Resolution (INR) process that makes Fairway Divorce's approach so successful. What fuels her passion even more is having the opportunity to positively impact families as they achieve resolution cost-effectively and in a timely manner.
INR Certificate of Completion

Michael Cugliari
Michael Cugliari Q.Med, B.A.
Client Manager, Mediator
Michael Cugliari is a mediator with Waterloo Wellington. Helping people has been a consistent passion for Michael throughout his career. And it’s what draws him to Fairway Divorce Solutions in his combined role as Mediator and Client Manager - having the ability to help couples who are separating with compassion, sound information, and a solid process for reaching resolution. Michael also brings several years of child-focused teaching experience to the role in addition to valuable financial advisory experience, having worked for two of Canada’s leading banking institutions.
INR Certificate of Completion

Brittany Doucet
Brittany Doucet B.A., J.D.
Lawyer and Legal Expert
Brittany is Fairway Divorce Solutions’ full-time, in-house lawyer, providing case-by-case support to our mediation experts and providing updates to offices across the country on local and national matrimonial law issues. She ensures that our Fairway Waterloo-Wellington office is equipped with a thorough understanding of current family law matters, having practiced almost exclusively in family law since being called to the bar. Brittany conducts the valuable ‘What is the Law™’ seminar for our Fairway Waterloo-Wellington clients.

Fairway Extended Team
A Strong National Brand Supporting Local Expertise
At Waterloo Wellington you receive the benefit of a private confidential mediation boutique supported by a national team. Fairway’s national team of legal, financial, and business professionals assist the Waterloo Wellington office by providing up-to-date changes to Ontario and Canadian divorce laws, client education, financial divorce expertise, collective peer review on client cases, and the drafting and critiquing of separation agreements by Fairway’s legal department. The result is an expertly crafted agreement that avoids unnecessary delays when you take the final step in your divorce process and engage independent legal advice. Locally and nationally, the Fairway team is here to help you move forward into your new life.

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Fairway Solutions
With Fairway, you're backed by a longstanding national brand.
Fairway Solutions and our step-by-step INR mediation method was founded by Karen Stewart to help Canadian families transition through separation and divorce efficiently, without draining their assets. We’re experts in divorce, family, business and conflict resolution and mediation, with franchise locations across Canada. Since 2006 Fairway’s dedicated mediators and resolution experts have coached over 5,700 families through divorce conflict.

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Karen Stewart, founder of Fairway Divorce Solutions, has authored several books on the topic of divorce.

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The Best Decisions for our Family

Working with Fairway streamlined the separation process and allowed us to work together collaboratively, making decisions for the best possible outcome for our family going forward. The straightforward approach made an inherently stressful situation as simple as it could have been. I was incredibly impressed with how efficiently Colette was able to create a Resolution Plan; having all the financial details ready for the initial meeting we were able to have a draft of the Resolution Plan within a month of the initial meeting. Colette is the first person I would contact should I have a family dispute in the future.

Fairway Client