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Fairway Cochrane helps Albertans with separation and divorce without lawyers since 2006

Fairway Divorce Solutions CochraneSeparation and divorce can be incredibly stressful on a family and present a significant risk to financial assets. Fairway Divorce Solutions Cochrane can help our clients gracefully navigate this life transition, particularly those with children and critical support to protect. Fairway is Canada's nationally recognized divorce company and has been in business since 2006.

Powered by mediation, resolution, and divorce expertsFairway Cochrane's mediation and resolution experts have roots in rural, small-town and urban settings. They are positioned to help you negotiate your divorce from start to finish, which includes your final separation agreement, with a focus on reducing time, reducing cost, reducing stress, and protecting the kids.

Divorce can be the most challenging experience of your lifeWhat sets the Fairway Model apart is that it starts by envisioning your future first and gets you through the most challenging part of any divorce, negotiations, in 120 days. We do this with the Fairway Method using one of our proven services powered by INR, our Independently Negotiated Resolution.

What does this mean for you?We will make what seems broken today beautiful again. It's time for you and your family to set a clear path for your new life. And it all starts with a phone call.

How we do things differently

This is our proven results-driven divorce process for couples.
Our premier process for couples with more complex separations that also focuses on life beyond divorce.
For individuals who want move though divorce in a positive way, but whose spouse will not participate.


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Divorce Mediation
Divorcing with children
Grey divorce
Complex financial arrangements
High net-worth divorce
Farm divorce
Prenuptial and cohabitation
Family Mediation
Elder care
This business is owned and operated independently by CCM Professional Services Ltd., who is an authorized licensed user of the trademark Fairway Divorce Solutions®, which trademark is owned by Fairway Divorce Solutions Ltd.

Services offered at Fairway Cochrane

At Fairway Divorce Solutions, our resolution experts/mediators are trained and highly knowledgeable in divorce, business and family negotiation, and conflict resolution. At Fairway Cochrane, our commitment is to get you to the next phase of your life as quickly as possible.

All of Fairway Divorce’s final separation agreements and plans are based on the family laws of your jurisdiction, including the Federal Child Support Guidelines, Dower Act, Family Law Act, Adult Interdependent Relationships Act, Matrimonial Property Act/Family Property Act, and the Divorce Act. The Fairway Method is designed to help you close this chapter of your life and begin your next adventure.

You’ll work with a dedicated resolution expert who will guide you through each step of the INR Process, keeping negotiations on a timeline and your priorities front and center. Your mediator will meet with you and your partner or spouse separately to ensure both of you have the opportunity to make decisions fully informed and in your own way. Your final separation agreement will reflect everyone’s needs, preferences, vision for the future, and be based on the matrimonial and divorce laws.

We know and love the communities we serve

As a boutique mediation firm, we are the best divorce solution choice for Cochrane residents with children or significant assets worth protecting. Families and adventure seekers alike are attracted to Cochrane, a Western heritage town known for its strong sense of community, hang gliding, horseback riding, and of course, the best ice cream in Alberta! Our clients in Cochrane can take advantage of our convenient southwest office location, or we can also provide mediation through our virtual divorce mediation service options. In addition, for those residents with rural or farm properties, we understand well the complex family dynamics that can arise upon separation, and we have the in-house financial expertise to navigate the financial and real estate complexities involved therein.

What makes our team unique and how we are deeply qualified to serve you

With a team of mediators, financial divorce specialists and in-house counsel, we are a 'Start To Finish' divorce company that guides you through the entire separation and divorce process. Our mediators’ diverse backgrounds dovetail to offer each client a positive and successful experience during an often difficult process. Sensitivity and empathy during a time of transition is key to this team’s success. All families will receive the utmost care, detail and assistance when it comes to asset division and future financial outcomes. In addition, Christie and her team are fierce believers in the Fairway process to better navigate through and protect assets and children. You won’t be disappointed in enlisting this team at a pivotal time in your life.

A few heartfelt words from our Principal Partner

"When the decision to divorce is the right option, it is comforting to know that there are supports available to ensure better outcomes for families. Fortunately, more affordable alternative dispute resolution services are on the rise. And driven by a passion to help, our mediators and financial divorce specialists are at the forefront of that movement to change the way divorce happens."
Christie Moser, Principal Partner

The team at Cochrane

Christie Moser
Christie Moser CPA, CA, CFDS
Principal Partner
Christie Moser is a former finance executive whose welcome to the Fairway family results from her passion for brokering positive change. With a desire to help people move away from the challenges of traditional dispute resolution, Christie believes the inherent flexibility and efficiency of mediation are what sets it apart. Rather than toiling (sometimes for years without agreeing to a mutual end), the INR process allows for an efficient, step-by-step mediation process where the goal is to end conflicts as soon as possible. Christie and her Fairway team have a simple focus: to give every client the knowledge and guidance they need to transition from conflicts to solutions.
INR Certified ProfessionalINR Certificate of Completion

Cameron Don
Resolution Expert, Mediator
Cameron holds extensive knowledge in the divorce field as one of Fairway's INR Certified Trainers. His passion for helping families stems from having personally experienced the devastating effects and damages the traditional system has on families financially and the ability to co-parent. These qualities, combined with Cameron’s financial background and calm demeanor, provide the clients with insight into their financial picture to achieve a mutually beneficial resolution and enables them to move forward with their lives.
INR Certified ProfessionalINR Certified TrainerINR Certificate of Completion

Caroline Cranston
Caroline Cranston CFP®, CFDS®, Q.Med
Resolution Expert, Mediator
Caroline Cranston dedicates her abilities to providing a positive experience for our clients during this stressful time. As a mediator with a strong finance background, she is financially savvy and a strong advocate for resolving conflict amicably. Caroline combines her academic knowledge with practical mediation and coaching techniques to comprehensively approach every client and situation. Caroline is especially adept at designing creative solutions and works tirelessly with her clients to remove any barriers to resolution.
INR Certified ProfessionalINR Certificate of Completion

Carima Navikenas
Carima Navikenas
Client Manager
Carima is highly personable and comfortable working with people of all levels. She has a methodical approach to solving problems, with a strong company-driven orientation and an active commitment to continuous improvement of quality and standards. Carima deeply understands clients’ top priorities through working closely with the entire Fairway team. She ensures all client concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently. She also brings a knack for devising effective and sustainable strategies to overcome process hindrances that may prevent the organization from achieving client service excellence.

Brittany Doucet
Brittany Doucet B.A., J.D.
Lawyer and Legal Expert
Fairway's full-time lawyer monitors changes to local and national laws to ensure that our processes reflect the most current knowledge of matrimonial and family law. Brittany also provides consultation to our Cochrane team on specific client matters.

Fairway Extended Team
A Strong National Brand Supporting Local Expertise
At Cochrane you receive the benefit of a private confidential mediation boutique supported by a national team. Fairway’s national team of legal, financial, and business professionals assist the Cochrane office by providing up-to-date changes to Alberta and Canadian divorce laws, client education, financial divorce expertise, collective peer review on client cases, and the drafting and critiquing of separation agreements by Fairway’s legal department. The result is an expertly crafted agreement that avoids unnecessary delays when you take the final step in your divorce process and engage independent legal advice. Locally and nationally, the Fairway team is here to help you move forward into your new life.

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Fairway Solutions and our step-by-step INR mediation method was founded by Karen Stewart to help Canadian families transition through separation and divorce efficiently, without draining their assets. We’re experts in divorce, family, business and conflict resolution and mediation, with franchise locations across Canada. Since 2006 Fairway’s dedicated mediators and resolution experts have coached over 5,700 families through divorce conflict.

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Karen Stewart, founder of Fairway Divorce Solutions, has authored several books on the topic of divorce.

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