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Welcome to Fairway Divorce Solutions in Calgary. We can get you through your divorce one manageable step at a time with a team of mediation, resolution, and divorce experts!

We know divorce can be hardIs separation or divorce imminent? Are you afraid of losing what you have worked so hard for and that your children may suffer? Does the cost of using a Calgary-based divorce attorney look as if it may turn into a long court battle?

Get the divorce help you needGo through your divorce with confidence. We can resolve your disputes, draft a separation agreement, and create a co-parenting plan with divorce mediation. Plus, you can still use a top-rated family lawyer for advice and completion.

Reduce time, reduce stress, reduce costTake control with Calgary's proven step-by-step divorce mediation - The Fairway Method. Our affordable process uses lawyers at just the right time, giving you a complete divorce solution in a timely fashion.

Get back to living againWe'll help you make what's broken beautiful and create a clear path to new life. It's time for you and your family to start living the life you've always imagined. And it all starts with a phone call.

How we do things differently

This is our proven results-driven divorce process for couples.
Our premier process for couples with more complex separations that also focuses on life beyond divorce.
For individuals who want move though divorce in a positive way, but whose spouse will not participate.


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This business is owned and operated independently by CCM Professional Services Ltd., who is an authorized licensed user of the trademark Fairway Divorce Solutions®, which trademark is owned by Fairway Divorce Solutions Ltd.

Services offered at Fairway Calgary

At Fairway Divorce Solutions, our resolution experts/mediators are trained in divorce, business and family negotiation, and conflict resolution. At Fairway Calgary, our commitment is to get you to the next phase of your life as quickly as possible.

All of Fairway Divorce’s final separation agreements and plans are based on the family laws of your jurisdiction, including the Divorce Act, Federal Child Support Guidelines, Dower Act, Family Law Act, Adult Interdependent Relationships Act, and the Matrimonial Property Act/Family Property Act. Our unique INR Process is designed to help you close this chapter of your life and begin your next adventure.

You’ll work with a dedicated resolution expert who will guide you through each step of The Fairway Method, keeping negotiations on a timeline and your priorities at the centre of the process. Your mediator will meet with you and your partner or spouse separately to provide both of you the opportunity to make decisions fully informed and in your own way. Your final separation agreement will reflect everyone’s needs, preferences, vision for the future, and be based on the matrimonial and divorce laws.

We know and love the communities we serve

Located at the west end of Eau Claire in the historical Joe Phillips Building, we are within walking distance of most of the downtown core; steps from Prince's Island Park. Northwest Calgary is home to many diverse neighbourhoods and home to many parks and greenspaces like Bowness Park, Shouldice Park, Confederation Park, and Nosehill Park. Our community is built around people in all stages of life, from young professionals to families and retirees. Fairway Divorce Solutions is positioned in Calgary to ensure that all Calgarians can approach separation and divorce in a manner that allows them to see a clear path forward in their life.

What makes our team unique and how we are deeply qualified to serve you

The Fairway Calgary team has years of experience in all aspects of accounting, finance, tax, and divorce mediation. Our team's professional backgrounds in business give us a unique ability to simplify the process of separation and divorce. As Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists and highly experienced mediators, we have the knowledge and experience to guide our clients to optimum outcomes for themselves and their families. A combination of empathy and communication skills allows our team to move our clients past the emotional impacts of their separation with clear views towards their future. We create detailed co-parenting plans with the best interest of the children in mind and our dedication to protecting the well-being of kids.

A few heartfelt words from our Principal Partner

"The response to the current state of chaos in the family legal system has been a shift towards more and more families choosing alternative dispute resolution practises such as mediation. The way out of chaos is with clarity and action, with positive intention. Mediation at its heart is bringing together parties to focus on their common interests, being protecting their kids and preserving family assets."
Christie Moser, Principal Partner

The team at Calgary

As specialists in family and divorce resolution and mediation, the Fairway Calgary team is prepared to manage a range of complexity to resolve conflicts and disputes efficiently and amicably. Our team of dedicated mediators and professionals is here when you’re ready to begin the life you imagine.

Christie Moser
Christie Moser CPA, CA, CFDS
Principal Partner
Christie Moser is a CPA with a desire to leverage her experience to engage in a business with a greater purpose. Understanding that divorce law is set up for confrontation, and the resulting long, court-contested divorces are devastating to the well-being of families, she was drawn to offer mediation as an alternative. The Fairway process has helped thousands of clients and stands out even in the industry as a better way to help.

While Christie owns and oversees multiple office locations in Alberta and BC, she remains involved with as many cases as she can. While her obvious professional strength is her financial expertise, it is her kindness and empathy that stands out to her clients and team.
INR Certified ProfessionalINR Certificate of Completion

Cameron Don
Resolution Expert, Mediator
As a senior mediator at Fairway, Cameron Don has spent many years helping couples transition through the challenges of separation and divorce. Cameron's personal divorce experience has given him a profoundly intimate understanding of the challenges clients face during divorce and a firm desire to help them "do divorce differently." He wholeheartedly believes in the effectiveness of the Fairway INR process to reduce the stress and confusion of divorce through a client-centred process. Now an expert in divorce mediation, Cameron knows first-hand how Fairway's step-by-step process gets clients to their new life; efficiently and amicably.
INR Certified ProfessionalINR Certified TrainerINR Certificate of Completion

Caroline Cranston
Caroline Cranston CFP®, CFDS®, Q.Med
Resolution Expert, Mediator
Caroline Cranston is a mediator, a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, and a strong advocate for resolving conflict well. She is financially savvy and passionate about family mediation. Combining mediation and accounting knowledge with empathy and life experience allows her strong interpersonal skills and calm approach to help clients progress through their separation and divorce. Along with the dedicated team at Calgary, Caroline stands ready to change how people experience divorce. Clients benefit from her inherent compassion and ability to help people work through conflict efficiently.
INR Certified ProfessionalINR Certificate of Completion

Marnie Lowe
Marnie Lowe
Intuitive Coach
Marnie Lowe is an intuitive healing coach who works with our Fairway Ally clients to address the root cause of limiting blocks and patterns in life. Ally is our premier process for couples with more complex separations that also focuses on life beyond divorce.

Carima Navikenas
Carima Navikenas
Client Manager
As the Client Manager, Carima serves as a trusted advocate for Fairway clients. Her proactive engagement with cases and strong relationships with Resolution Experts ensures every client moves through the INR process feeling supported throughout. There is no client issue too small for Carima to address with speed and grace.

Lola Shanks
Lola Shanks
Client Manager
As the Client Success Manager, Lola functions as a bridge between the client and the greater Fairway team. She is compassionate, caring and interested in always providing her best for clients. An organized individual with high level of patience, confidence, and analytical and conflict resolution skills, she provides support to our Resolution Experts on matters affecting individual client case files. In addition, her positive energy and high degree of empathy ensures our clients feel supported throughout.

Brittany Doucet
Brittany Doucet B.A., J.D.
Lawyer and Legal Expert
As Fairway's in-house lawyer, Brittany provides support to our Resolution Experts by consulting on individual client matters as well as providing updates on local and national law. She ensures that our offices are equipped with a thorough understanding of current matrimonial and family law.

Fairway Extended Team
A Strong National Brand Supporting Local Expertise
At Calgary you receive the benefit of a private confidential mediation boutique supported by a national team. Fairway’s national team of legal, financial, and business professionals assist the Calgary office by providing up-to-date changes to Alberta and Canadian divorce laws, client education, financial divorce expertise, collective peer review on client cases, and the drafting and critiquing of separation agreements by Fairway’s legal department. The result is an expertly crafted agreement that avoids unnecessary delays when you take the final step in your divorce process and engage independent legal advice. Locally and nationally, the Fairway team is here to help you move forward into your new life.

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Fairway Solutions and our step-by-step INR mediation method was founded by Karen Stewart to help Canadian families transition through separation and divorce efficiently, without draining their assets. We’re experts in divorce, family, business and conflict resolution and mediation, with franchise locations across Canada. Since 2006 Fairway’s dedicated mediators and resolution experts have coached over 5,800 families through divorce conflict.

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Karen Stewart, founder of Fairway Divorce Solutions, has authored several books on the topic of divorce.

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If you are considering divorce/separation mediation, I highly recommend Cameron at Fairway. This process is fraught and emotional for both parties so having Cameron provide support and guidance and help us focus on the outcome - a separation agreement that we can both live with - was essential. We could never have managed this on our own and neither of us wanted to spend years back and forth with lawyers. So, for us, this was the best solution. Thank you Cameron for making a painful journey go a little smoother!