Litigation Support

Litigation support services that help manage your legal documents and processes

Canadian Litigation Support Service

What is litigation support?

Litigation support professionals assist clients in preparing documents as well as help the clients manage their legal process when using a lawyer. Litigation support professionals assist clients in lowering their legal bills by ensuring that the clients are prepared, and their documents are organized and complete.


How Fairway Can Help You

We have years of experience preparing documents for litigation. This will save you lawyer costs and time. Get Advice Now.

Why do I need litigation support?

Sometimes you cannot avoid fighting. If you must engage with lawyers in a legal battle, then you can at least keep your costs and vulnerability down by being meticulously prepared and having at least some minor control in the process.

With our help, you can put together your entire disclosure package and prepare financial offers and settlement proposals from a place of confidence and certainty. We will be the calm in your storm.

Fairway has been helping Canadians for over 17 years.

Lawyer fees will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Why incur unnecessary costs if you don’t have to?

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