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Arbitrator / Mediator

Arbitrators help resolve conflicts outside of the court system by facilitating negotiation and dialogue between disputing parties. Divorce mediators work with people who are under a lot of stress. Therefore, they must be calm and reasonable. They must also remain impartial and ethical as they deal with sensitive issues. There is considerable job satisfaction when the mediator can arrange an agreement between the divorcing parties with minimal pain.

Job Title: Divorce Mediator / Negotiator
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Description: Minimum five years of experience in helping negotiate agreements over sensitive issues during a divorce or separation.
Certifications: Acc.FM preferred. In-house courses are available.
Education: A bachelor's degree for entry-level positions. A professional background in law, social work, or psychology preferred.
Necessary Skills: Attention to detail, calm and collected, effective in decision-making, friendly, level-headed, neutral, unbiased and impartial.
Pay: Negotiable

Our Success

Fairway takes pride that over 95% of all cases started with Fairway have been successfully mediated to resolution.

There’s such a huge emotional component and huge life changes that happen, especially when children are involved, with divorce and separation.

Divorce and Family Mediation Services Inc.

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