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Resolution Expert

Locations: Edmonton AB, Saskatoon SK

Primary Role

To support Fairway clients through the Independently Negotiated Resolution process and any other divorce related negotiations. This person is responsible for the engagement of clients and reporting on sales and stats. Position reports to management but works directly with the Case Coordinator.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

Leading Clients through Fairway Process

  • Facilitate / mediate / negotiate decisions and processes related to separation and divorce following Fairway’s Independently Negotiated Resolution Process (“INR”), Fairway Fast Track, or hourly, half day / full day mediations.
  • Working with a team of skilled Resolution Experts (“RE”) to guide clients through a step by step process from separation to divorce and at times providing assistance and insight to other RE’s clients/files.
  • Reviewing client’s financial disclosure, development of a balance sheet and drafting of a Resolution Plan.
  • Providing feedback to clients regarding their personal financial circumstances/needs
  • Empowering clients to make well informed financial and family decisions in such a way that allows them to take control of their future.
  • Providing feedback to clients regarding parenting schedules and developing a parenting plan.
  • Through the tracking system ensure clients are completed the INR Process within 120 days of receiving financial disclosure.
  • Engaging new clients during introductory consultations.

Meetings and Reporting

  • Minimum weekly meetings with sales and operations (Client service associates)
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Ensuring client tracking information is up to date on the Salesforce CRM

Deliverables and Objectives

  • Engaging clients and move each client through the process in a timely, organized and efficient manner
  • Strive to ensure that all clients in the corporate system complete the Fairway INR Process within 120 days from financial disclosure
  • Create leads and sales through COI relationships and presentations

Competencies, Skills, Experience & Requirements

  • Certifications: Acc.FM preferred. In-house courses are available.
  • Education: A bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions. A professional background in law, social work, or psychology preferred.
  • Strong empathy skills and a positive, yet persuasive communication style – you have an ability to connect with different people
  • Ability to create relationships & strong sales experience
  • Strong organization skills, independent, multi-tasker, driven by systems
  • Financial acumen important
  • Ability to move people from positions to mutually agreeable resolutions
  • Desire to develop as part of provincial and national team
  • Mediation training and accreditation – up to date as per Provincial and Federal Standards (where they apply)
  • Strong reporting and tracking ability

Our Success

Fairway takes pride that over 95% of all cases started with Fairway have been successfully mediated to resolution.

There’s such a huge emotional component and huge life changes that happen, especially when children are involved, with divorce and separation.

Divorce and Family Mediation Services Inc.

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