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Private and Family Business Mediation

What is Family Business Mediation?

Family mediation, using a third-party neutral, is used to help facilitate discussion with regards to conflict, management, succession planning and is becoming a more common alternative to settling disputes for small businesses in Canada. Professionally conducted mediation is proving to be a valuable tool to aid entrepreneurs in preserving the well-being of the family business and all of the relationships involved.

The number of family businesses in Canada is significant and continues to grow. Family businesses represent the largest number of employers in the country and so play a vital role in the well-being of the economy.

As businesses pass from one generation to the next, the complexities with regards to intergenerational transfer can be daunting for the parties involved. As the face of family businesses change, given the transfer of one generation to a next, we see increased complexities and stress in relationships. These relationships are foundational to the continuation of the business.

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How Fairway Can Help You

Fairway specializes, in helping family businesses resolve conflict in a respectful win-win way so that the business may continue to thrive. Contact us today.

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Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Experts specialize in the full spectrum of conflict resolution in organizations with in-depth knowledge and skills on how to resolve systems, teams, leadership and individual conflicts that impede business.

Fairway guides entrepreneurs, medium and large companies, with particular emphasis on family enterprises struggling with succession, growth, and mergers.

Our experienced team provides a big picture approach to appropriate levels of intervention and resolution. We offer:

  • Insight into underlying issues and the change required to support a culture of performance.
  • Leadership conflict resolution systems to engage and inspire your front line and senior management
  • Education that transforms your workplace conflict into productive solutions and commitments to help your business grow to its full capacity

Our Business Resolution Systems™ at Fairway will:

  • Identify the source of the dispute, the contributing factors and how to neutralize them
  • Coach stakeholders on the required change needed to resolve the issues
  • Educate leaders and employees on effective communication and productive conflict management behaviour
  • Integrate the systems that work for and against a mediated resolution in a business

Fairway Business Systems Resolution™ is an advocacy, education, action service that works with you, not on you to reveal your capacity for managing conflict, change, and business outcomes.

Less Conflict. Less Cost.

Avoid expensive lawyers. Fairway has a diverse, skilled and experienced team of experts in conflict analysis, mediation and negotiation. We are the authorities in settling disputes and conflicts.

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The FAIRWAY is not only the “fair” way, but it’s the easy way as well!!!

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January 2016

Lawyer fees will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Why incur unnecessary debt or added financial stress if you don’t have to?

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