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The Alternative to Fighting in Courts

Choosing Fairway Solutions for your separation or divorce means selecting a process that allows you to negotiate a fair resolution that considers finances and parenting in a non-litigious process. It does not mean you are giving up your ability to receive legal advice, nor are you sacrificing your rights.

While divorce mediation is quickly becoming the preferred alternative, you may think it’s only for friendly couples with less complicated cases, but the opposite is also true. Our mediation process can handle various scenarios from simple to complex, agreeable to contentious. There are many innovative and effective ways to achieve a fair outcome.

The benefits you get from Fairway

Get back to living againGoing through a divorce can be exhausting, stressful, and all-consuming. Your mediator will help you get you through it in months, not years, so you can move forward into your future, sooner.

Reduce time, stress, and expenseThe Fairway INR method is a proven, process-driven way that moves you both through the divorce process fairly, efficiently, and far more cost-effectively than expensive and stressful courtroom battles.

Keep moving aheadWhen a marriage ends it can be difficult to work together. But instead of stalling out when one person isn’t ready to talk about an issue, our process allows you to work privately with your mediator through many steps of the process, in the order that works best.

Use the right professionals at the right timeDepending on the complexity of your situation, you may need a variety of professional services. We’ll bring in one of our extended independent team of legal, financial, and other experts at just the right time, so you won’t run up unnecessary costs.

Mediation doesn’t always mean putting two people in a room with a third party and working to find a middle ground. Sometimes that middle ground is not fair. There are much more direct and efficient approaches better suited for couples going through a divorce, especially when there is an imbalance of power. Compromise and collaboration are the cornerstones of every negotiation, but not at the expense of fairness.

For couples who feel a power imbalance regarding children or finances, divorce mediation may feel unworkable or even inappropriate. In turn, you may think you have to pursue the more traditional route of hiring a lawyer to protect your rights and position. The good news is there are ways to have the best of both worlds and still achieve an outcome that is better than going to court or hiring lawyers to fight for you.

What Separates Us from the Competition

Fairway’s Independently Negotiated Resolution™ “INR” Model

Independently Negotiated Resolution

At Fairway Divorce Solutions®, we use a proven proprietary, step-by-step conflict resolution model called Independently Negotiated Resolution (INR). It is designed to take you and your spouse through a process that brings an optimal resolution in all areas of divorce in a less expensive and time-consuming way, even if your assets are complicated.

We know that every situation is different, and you may consider your case unique; however, our model is designed to work with all scenarios where there are either assets or children that need protection. So, whether it is straightforward, complex or higher conflict, our process accommodates your specific needs and situation.

We have the experience and results to demonstrate our commitment to you and your family. We have changed the way divorce happens in Canada so that families can save both the emotional and financial costs associated with the outdated divorce system. Your children do not need to be victims. The Division of Assets, Spousal Support, and Child Support can all be determined in a financially pragmatic and common-sense way so that you can move on with your integrity, parenting relationships, and money in tack.

A Top-Notch Team Driving Results for Over 18 Years in Canada

Fairway Divorce Solutions focuses on driving results and resolution with our Proprietary Models. The team at Fairway includes, but is not limited too; Mediators, Negotiators, Financial Experts, CDFAs (Canadian Financial Divorce Experts), Family Lawyers, Business valuators, Tax specialists, Parenting Coordinators, Accountants and Specialists. Our team keeps you on target and on time so your emotions do not interfere with sound decision making.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to ensuring that your separation agreement is thorough and has addressed all of the issues around financial property division, child support and spousal support, as well as a comprehensive and useful parenting plan.

We focus on Results and Agreements

Property Division

Comprehensive Division of Property and Assets “Fairway Financial Pie Division™” – that is based on the law and what makes sense considering your assets, business, career, tax implications, etc. This division focuses not just on splitting property but also on preserving and protecting assets including business’s and careers. This key differentiator with Fairway focuses on ensuring that Property Division is well thought out, taking into consideration all the variables that would apply, including tax, careers, pre-marriage assets, exemptions, providing security and income where needed. It is important to understand what your assets and liabilities are before you start deciding on how to split them. Fairway’s strategic model ensures you do just that.

Parenting Plans

Co-parenting Plan “Fairway Nurtured Children’s Plan™” – raising healthy well-balanced children is hard enough in a two-parent home, achieving this as a single parent is even harder. This plan provides the framework for parents so that you can have structure where it needs to be, and flexibility where warranted. It is comprehensive and addresses all the areas you will be faced with as a co-parent including Child Custody.

The co-parenting agreement will address questions and issues as they come up and provide structure and certainty where you need it. Areas that the plan will cover include decisions with regards to small matters like clothes and birthday presents as well as more sensitive areas like holiday sharing, public or private schools, nannies, sports, lessons, and health. This agreement also sets a communication methodology for parents and children around events like travel, etc. It is designed to set the two of you up for co-parenting success, so that your children and you can thrive.

Spousal Support

Spousal Support Agreement with Timing and Amounts – this is usually the most adversarial part of negotiating in Divorce and is the culprit for much debate and money spent in the courts. While it can be both emotionally charging and conflicted, like all other things in divorce, there is a pragmatic way to work through to resolution. While the laws in Canada are not black and white as seen in the Federal Child and Spousal Support Guidelines, they do set the goal posts for where your likely outcomes will be. There is a way for the payor to feel like they have a say and are empowered in the decision making while at the same time ensuring that the payee is treated fairly by way of the law and otherwise.

Child Support

Child Support Agreement – For those with kids, it is all about protecting the wellbeing of the children. In Canada, the Federal Child and Spousal Support Guidelines set out how child support is calculated and therefore what to pay. The issue is not usually the amount to pay as much as determining what the income is for purposes of calculating child support.

The other variable that determines support is where the children live and for what amount of time (residential care). A good agreement sets out the details with regards to how this is handled each year until the children are no longer dependents of the marriage.

Child Support covers the basic living needs of the children. The guidelines set out provisions for covering expenses above and beyond basic needs. These are referred to as Extraordinary Expenses (Section 7’s) that are incurred by the children and are shared by the parents. These extraordinary expenses typically include; private school, orthodontic, after school care, nanny, sports, lessons, tutoring etc.

A good co-parenting agreement will list what the extraordinary expense are and how they will be shared between the parents.

Divorce is Costly

It costs money - masses of money.

It also costs time - hours spent in meetings, completing paperwork & filing affidavits. It costs heartache as battle lines are drawn and loved ones, especially children, suffer emotional pain.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Litigation

Fairway is committed to changing the way divorce happens and avoiding the destruction to assets and relationships that occur in the traditional system. Here are just a few costly pitfalls you can avoid by choosing Fairway’s divorce mediation process:

  • Paying a large retainer
  • Filing court documents
  • Serving your spouse
  • Receiving a statement of defense
  • Correspondence between lawyers
  • Interim applications
  • Serving affidavits
  • Countering affidavits
  • Examination for discoveries
  • Divorce undertakings
  • Chambers applications
  • Trials
  • Judgement
  • Filing divorce documents
  • Possible appeal

When a person faces a relationship break up, it’s easy to think that calling a lawyer will solve your problems. It might but it will cost you … big time … in many ways other than just financially! Remember, most lawyers make their money creating conflict not resolving it! Why go there if you don’t have to? Wouldn’t it be so much more productive, efficient, cost-effective, timely and kind to everyone involved (including yourself) if you were to capitalize on Fairway Divorce Solution processes so you can move you, your soon to be “ex” and your children, if you have them, to an ending and new beginning you can all live with, versus a potential ending where you all end up hating each other?

Dr. June A. Donaldson
MBA, EdD, Mediator, Arbitrator, Best-Selling Emotional Intelligence Author

While traditional mediation and collaborative law have brought us this far, Fairway is changing the way divorce happens and raising the bar in mediation and conflict resolution.

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