Child Custody

A great co-parenting plan can help children thrive.

Child Custody and Co-parenting Plans

What does custody mean?

Child custody is the term used to define the legal guardianship of children of either common law, marriage or otherwise. To have sole custody would give that guardian complete decision-making authority over the well-being of that child with regards to school, health, religion, etc.


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In Canada, sole custody is very seldom awarded except in very extreme cases. The trend is moving away from the word “custody” and moving towards terms like; shared parenting, residential care, etc.

The most common result in divorce applications where there are dependent children is “joint custody,” and then residential care further defines where the children will spend their time. Regardless of which term is used, each jurisdictions focus is on the best interests of the child.

Answers to Common Questions

How many children are from divorced families?

It is hard to find specific statistics with regards to the number of children with two separate households. The last divorce stats were by Stats Canada in the 2005 and had quoted 71,269 divorces filed. We can assume that at least half of those had children resulting in approximately 35,000 new divorced households per year.

The Department of Justice sets out that between 1991 and 2011, approximately 5 million Canadians separated or divorced. Out of these, 38% had a child together at the time of their separation. These stats reconfirm how prevalent divorces are and how many children are impacted.

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What laws apply to Custody?

Matters of guardianship reside in both parts of the federal law and provincial law. Regardless of what province you are in, you must demonstrate that custody and child support have been dealt with before you will be granted a divorce. Many of the provincial family acts address parenting responsibilities. Regardless, you must address residential care, where the children will live, who will make decisions, jointly or otherwise and ensure child support is calculated.

How is the best way to get a co-parenting plan and agreement?

A great co-parenting plan requires both parties to set aside any bad feelings and ego and focus 100% on the wellbeing of the children and their future. Regardless of whether you are still friends with your ex, you can, if disciplined, lay the foundation for good co-parenting. The key is to decide you are not going to fight and instead focus on great outcomes.

You need to avoid:

  • Using children for position bargaining – financial control vs. parenting control
  • Designing a shared parenting plan around percentages (who get them for what percentage) – think rather what works for the entire new family structure
  • Using child assessment reports to decide how your children will be raised – this should be your decision!
  • Turning the parenting into a blame game and feeling like divorce is a crime vs. just realizing that it is sad and only one event in your life, it need not define your life
  • Bad mouthing the other parent and making them look bad – remember your children are half them too

What should be in a co-parenting agreement?

A co-parenting agreement or plan can be either very detailed or vague. Most traditional separation agreements tend to set out general agreements around joint custody, decision making, and residential care.

Many parents are deciding to place more attention and discussion around the details in their parenting plan to avoid any future conflict or confusion. These plans can vary in cost and detail.

Fairway’s Nurtured Parenting Plan

Successful Co-parenting for Thousands of Families

At Fairway, we are passionate about protecting children. We believe that children can thrive regardless of whether their parents are together or apart.

Our negotiators and mediators work closely with you and your spouse to ensure that you have a parenting plan that satisfies all members of the family. Our agreements are very comprehensive and will provide you and your spouse a roadmap for raising well-adjusted, confident children. We are committed to helping position you and your children for a healthy happy future. Some of the areas we can assist are:

  • Preserving your relationship (even if you don’t like or trust each other) so that you can parent together
  • Providing communication strategies for successful parenting
  • Establishing a plan that is both short and long-term that works for all family members
  • Ensuring your children are not victims of divorce
  • Not allowing a tug of war between money and children
  • Providing a detailed parenting plan consisting of:
    • re-calculation of child support
    • section 7 expenses – what are they and how to share the costs
    • school – private vs. public
    • nanny and after school care
    • birthdays, fathers and mother day
    • residential care – the weekly rotation
    • travel
    • communication with children and between parents
    • grandparents
    • health
    • camps
    • holidays
    • allowances
    • post-secondary education
    • new partners – introduction and timing

We are conflicted, so can a parenting coordinator help us?

When parents are faced with difficult parenting decisions or are unable to agree on co-parenting decisions, a coordinator can assist you in dealing with a variety of issues:

  • Parenting and holiday schedule
  • Selecting medical personnel or professional
  • Education
  • Choice of extracurricular activities
  • Section 7 (extraordinary) expenses
  • Religion
  • Birthday parties
  • General communication strategies

Fairway’s Parenting Coordination Services for families challenged in communication

Fairway offers Parenting Coordination Services. Our team of Parenting Coordinators provides parents involved in high-conflict disputes the consistent, ongoing direction of a single qualified professional using a less adversarial dispute resolution process. Setting you up to be the best you can be as a single parent moving forward is our goal.

Using a third party and avoiding legal battles to work on a parenting plan is common sense.

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