Divorce Blog

Do Not Take the Bait

By Karen Stewart

Do Not Take The BaitIf you are going through a divorce, then there is no doubt that your soon to be ex will have mastered how to push your buttons. Your challenge is to not react — no matter what! Yes, perhaps it’s harder said than done but here are a few helpful tips to try:

  • If under attack — stay focused on the end game. For example, use this self-talk “I just need to get my kids half the time and protect my ability to be healthy and earn an income” — other than that, little matters so I can just keep my mouth shut and my reactions to myself.
  • Remind yourself — there is no need or reason to debate the past. Focus only on the present and the future.
  • There is no value in proving she/he is wrong and you are right. No one cares — the harsh reality.
  • Find someone you can talk to openly who is not vested in the drama. Either a counsellor or objective friend. This journey is about you moving on and having a bright future so start laying the foundation today to do that.
  • Stop complaining. Watch your language and as hard as it is — stay positive. Reframe your words from negative to positive and your life will start changing today