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Divorce Blog

Be Empowered to Handle the Waves of Life

By Karen Stewart

I recently visited Placencia Belize. While it remains part of the Common Wealth, Belize achieved independence in 1981 and since that time has grown from 90,000 people to 367,000 with the large majority under the age of 30. Truly – this is the future of tourist opportunity.

Are You Prepared for the Waves of Life?

Women at BeachIt is interesting as nature has so many lessons to teach us. Oceans can be both peaceful and calm or rough and destructive. An eerie reminder of life and its many ups and downs.

Some boats are prepared to ride through the rough waters and come out the other side untouched and other implode because the boat and its captain are not prepared to handle the waves that come with a storm.

Life presents us with so many waves of both happy and trying times. Some we see coming and others we simply are caught off guard. It is our mental state of preparedness that will predict how we handle difficult events and come out the other side.

I remember so well Sally finding out her marriage was over, and how she quickly went to the place self-pity. Her recovery was long and painful, even with the help of Fairway, as she refused to embrace the lessons and use it to lay the foundation of new beginnings.

I contrast Sally’s journey with that of another Fairway client. Debbie, who also found out her husband wanted a divorce, choice to process the event entirely different. While she was sad and even angry, she refused to be a victim and quickly turned her attention to getting the division of assets behind her so she could move on with her life. She looked for a new circle of friends who like her, found themselves single past the age of 55. Unlike Sally, Debbie took accountability for her life and this unexpected wave. She chose to lay the foundation for new beginnings rather than focus on the past with regret. She has hope. Today she looks and feels 10 years younger.

Finding Happiness and the Power of Perception

Our happiness is directly linked to our ability to ride with the ups and downs of the waves and process life through the lens of accountability and hope. Life is how we perceive it. We so often make the mistake of labelling our perception as fact. Let’s not waste our money or time convincing others to believe our perceived facts – as it will never happen.

If we approach each event in life by observing from the place of calm and acceptance, we can avoid actions and thinking that will kill our spirit and relationships. Embrace the lessons as we have what it takes to have an amazing life no matter what wave we are riding right now.

Remember to make a Clean Break from the ordinary and be extraordinary.

Karen Stewart