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Addictions Destroy Marriages and Lives

By Karen Stewart

The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman is tragic.

From our perspective, he was a man with such amazing talent and a bright future. From what the press has said, he was a wonderful person as well. His life came to such an abrupt ending for those who saw him on screen and did not know him well.

Alcohol AddictionBut for those close to him I am sure there is a long history of bittersweet stories, many filled with pain and suffering. I have no doubt that long before he lost his life he lost much more, including relationships that likely meant a lot to him. This is the sad reality of addictions. They destroy lives, marriages and take away futures. The person with the addiction at some point chooses between their vice and their marriage/relationships. For way too many, they choose their addiction. The word “choice” is a hard pill to swallow for an addict who is lost in the disease.

However – it is still a choice with serious consequences. Perhaps the death of Philip will not be totally in vain if it will urge others to choose a different path with a different outcome.