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Family with dog outside

Hey Jude: What can losing a Pet Teach us about Divorce?

How a community pulled together to find a lost Dog and the lessons we can apply to other challenging and scary times in our lives; like divorce.

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Divorce Means One of Us is Moving Out

Plan your post-divorce move-out with these five tips and considerations for your children, so that they can handle the transition to two homes with excitement instead of distress.

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Welcome to the 21st Century of Divorce

It seems with the turn of the century also came a new and more public way to file for divorce. Social media is challenging courtrooms around North America with how to deal with the privacy of divorce. Read about a recent Judges ruling.

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Mom and daughter hugging

Celebrating Mothers Day when Divorced; Once their Mother always their Mother

Celebrate the Mother of your children on Mother’s Day whether even if you are divorced or separated! Some easy things you can that is in the best interest of your children.

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Boy Holding Paper Parents Divorcing

Should Children be Involved During Divorce?

Research is showing that it may be in the child’s best interest to be able to have a voice and share their own views to the Mediator. Having a voice, however, does not mean making the decisions.

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Mothers Day Gift

Happy Mother’s Day: Honouring my Ex?

Mother’s Day should be spent with Mom and Father’s Day should be spent with Dad. Here are some practical tips on how to reduce the stress around scheduling when the parents are separated.

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Think You Are Done Your Taxes? Find out what you could be missing if you have recently divorced

Don’t get caught missing important submissions for completing your taxes. It is important to know that divorce can change how you conduct your tax returns in Canada. Find the links to the forms that should be submitted to the CRA.

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Buying or Selling a Home

Three “Watch-outs” When Selling or Buying a House Prior to Your Divorce

Divorce is Difficult and often means you have to make many choices reasonably quickly. Selling or Buying a house is a big decision and so learn what to watch out for when deciding.

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Spring Break and Divorce in Ontario

Decisions with regards to where the children of Divorce will spend Spring Break can be stressful. Learn some practical tips from a teacher about how to make it a happy time and to not let emotions get in the way of decision making.

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For Sale

Real Estate and Divorce – when you are not willing to sell

Options of what to do with your home if you are just not prepared to sell, even though you are getting a divorce.

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Real Estate

Real Estate and Divorce – to sell or not to sell?

Deciding what to do with the family home is divorce can be stressful. The key to a smart decision is to ensure it is not emotional.

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Infidelity can fuel the foundation for revenge in Divorce

Angry feelings of hurt and betrayal when your spouse cheated is understandable but using it to fuel revenge is only going to hurt you financially. Get revenge by moving on.

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Women Considering Divorce

Why Do Couples Divorce?

Separation or Divorce is not usually a sudden event. Understand the 3 stages of life after divorce that couples go through.

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Questioning Women

Abundance or Lack of Abundance Is a State of Mind

Getting Divorced? Coming from the place of Scarcity vs Abundance has more impact on your resolution then you might think. How costly, stressful and how many months or years associated with your separation is a result of not only the way you chose to resolve your issues but also your state of mind.

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Listening to Your Girlfriend

Giving sage advice to a friend who discovers an affair is the most loving thing you can do

Be the friend who provides sage advice when an affair is discovered and a divorce may be imminent.

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