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What is a Gray Divorce?

Baby Boomers get a lot of attention. They remain one of the largest demographics in the western world. Their lifestyle and spending habits drive market innovation and branding. While companies have had success in the past predicting trends, no one could predict the onslaught of divorce among baby boomers. This upswing coined a new term, “Gray Divorce.”

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Black and white image of a caucasian woman looking shocked at the papers she's holding in her hands

Unknown Finances After Divorce

Finances after divorce can be daunting. Read about Adele, a 59-year-old woman who puts together a detailed budget but forgets all the hidden costs when going through a divorce.

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Timeout: The Importance of Stepping Away

Discover the benefits of choosing to give yourself a timeout so that you can communicate what you mean instead of things you might regret to your spouse, ex-spouse, or partner.

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happy man wearing glasses and looking directly at you

Life After Divorce: What to Expect

Read a few things that you will learn to appreciate after your divorce. Life after Divorce can be positive but it all about how you approach it.

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B&W image of young children looking out the window during winter

Changing Relationships and The Holidays

Divorce is stressful. Add the complications of parenting and family relationships over the holidays and it can be chaos. Read some common sense and practical steps for making the Christmas and other celebrated holidays less stressful and more enjoyable for children and parents.

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Supporting Friends and Family through Divorce

There is no question that for those who are trying to help their loved ones through divorce — your words matter a lot. That brings with it a huge responsibility and sometimes a burden you did not sign up for.

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caucasian woman standing in an empty apartment with her dog looking out the window

The Connotation of Life After Divorce

Read a few things that you will learn to appreciate after your divorce. Life after Divorce can be positive but it’s all about how you approach it.

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B&W Image of a man and women sitting on a bed with the women facing away in anger

Respectful Communication for Post-Divorce Parenting – Is that Possible?

Every parent wants respect and flexibility when it comes to Co-Parenting. Here are some tips to help you achieve effective communication with our ex.

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Helping Your Child Adjust After Divorce

We discuss how to best support children after divorce. Here are ways that you, as parents, can help make the adjustments a little easier for your kids.

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Mediation Puts Best Interests of Children First

In divorce, the best interests of children can be lost. But divorce mediation is meant to put importance on the kids as they should.

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Children Play at Home

Effects of Divorce on School Aged Children

Learn about how school-aged children respond to divorce and separation from a first-hand account of an educator.

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Farm House

Family Mediation and the Matrimonial Home

Family mediation can help to make divorce a lot easier. With recent provincial updates to Saskatchewan laws, Tracy Kendel of the Fairway Saskatoon office talks about divorce, family mediation and its advantages, and how it affects the marital home.

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Seductive Cowgirl

Calgary Stampede sees an increase in Post Stampede Divorces

CTV Calgary Interviews Karen Stewart about the year over year trend in the increase of divorces after The Calgary Stampede. See how you might avoid being a statistic.

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Calgary Stampede

Stampeding Responsibly with a Few Helpful Hints

Whether single or married, Stampede gives us an opportunity to have fun. Get helpful tips on how to enjoy Stampede but not destroy your marriage at the same time.

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