I knew there had to be a better way.

Over a decade ago, I like so many others found myself unexpectedly on the doorstep of divorce. Not knowing where to turn and in a desperate attempt to take control, I did what most do. I turned to my friends for a referral for “the best” lawyer money could buy. One wise friend, who happened to be a top notch litigation lawyer, told me that while I was thinking that hiring a lawyer was going to give me control, in fact the opposite was true. In hindsight, I had no idea how right he was. After 5 long years and over $500,000 in my legal bills for myself alone, our ability to co-parent along with our net worth – was destroyed. I would hope that couples would learn from the mistakes myself and thousands of others have made, but for some crazy reason there are still people who believe that hiring a lawyer and “fighting it out”, is the best or only option. I am here to tell you, that is simply not the case and in fact it makes no sense at all. The laws in Canada are generally very fair and so the area of negotiation is much narrower than it was 20 years ago. In other words, your outcome is based more on the law then it is the positioning or talent of your lawyer. Don’t get me wrong, legal advice is prudent and our clients receive independent legal advice. However using affidavits and legal positioning to argue over your assets/money and your children does not make any sense and will not get you any further ahead. Being well informed around your “rights” and different financial and parenting options does make sense. Using a step-by-step process that is resolution based – is smart.

Fairway Divorce Solutions® was founded to make a difference in the way divorce happens and advocate for you an your children. After working with thousands of couples across Canada – we know we have a process that works, regardless of whether you trust or get along with your ex.

Your divorce battle is not the place for vindication. Laying the foundation for a great future is.

If you are not convinced by my story, then please talk to others who learned the hard way before you join this statistic.

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Karen Stewart

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