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Divorce Rates and Costs

Divorce rates in Canada are over 40 per cent, but the more shocking numbers are the costly lawyer and court fees.

Couples who are going through a separation will fight about things such as spousal support payments, division of assets, child custody and access. There are also disparities in incomes, job security and parental responsibilities. For the most part, these arguments lead to outrageous divorce costs that have very little or no value.

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Fairway’s proprietary divorce resolution method takes the best practices from mediation, negotiation, and the traditional divorce system. It combines them in a process that gets you and your spouse completed within 120 days of financial disclosure. With the focus on your money and your kids, our Independently Negotiated Resolution™ (INR) process – gives you everything you need from financial and parenting decisions to ensure you get legal advice from an independent divorce lawyer.

We charge a flat fee so that no one is motivated to drag things on.

How it Works

INR™ is all about saving relationships, assets and family. We do this by moving past the marriage and the divorce without fighting with lawyers.

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Fairway Divorce Solutions

Fairway is a one-stop boutique that offers private mediation. Our mediators help you avoid court and chaos. Find out more about our specialties and core offerings here.

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Online Divorce Options

COVID-19 and Social Distancing

Getting a divorce in Canada doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.

In light of the pandemic, people are flocking to Google to look for ways to get divorced online. To their relief, they’re discovering that web-based companies are saving them time and money.

If you are among the 90% of Canadians whose divorce is uncontested, then there are plenty of options available to you.

Even if your spouse can’t or won’t agree on the terms, we now have alternative ways to resolve these sorts of disputes online.

Compare the Options

Online Divorce Companies

Websites and webapps that provide do-it-yourself forms, divorce filing, and remote mediation are now appearing everywhere. But, the need for sound advice is as strong as ever. A keen eye for the sources of your guidance is ever more important since not all divorce companies are equal.

All good mediation companies and law firms offer free initial counsel over the web using software such as Zoom, Slack or Skype. Many also host workshops, webinars and lessons online. There are even support groups available if you are having a tough time.

With only a few clicks or taps, you’ll find a ton of trustworthy blogs and resources. Knowledge and understanding of your options are invaluable.

Do some research before you start on the clear road to a new life. Below are some of the hot topics you should be aware of:

Separation vs Divorce

Getting a separation agreement is not the same thing as filing for a divorce. In all respects, creating a separation agreement is a step you do before filing for divorce. The courts require it.

Separation Agreements

Separation agreements address property division (including the division of debts), child support, and spousal support. Moreover, the goal of drafting this legal agreement is to strike a fair balance in the separation. As such, a solid separation agreement satisfies both sides equally. Turn to online mediation to sort out the terms of the settlement. The best companies offer both mediation and legal support when pursuing amicable terms. All in all, this adds a comfort layer in knowing that you have addressed all the serious issues. It also satisfies the courts.

Filing for Divorce

With a separation agreement in hand, the final steps of divorce are the paperwork and courts. Accordingly, we provide services to handle all the paperwork and to file for you. As such, these services save you from back and forth trips to the courts to please court clerks.

Financial Disclosure

The fair division of property and assets can happen only with a total appreciation of what’s at stake. If you attempt this without expert help, one or more parties may miss or hide assets. Thus, we implore you to seek a professional firm for advice. Legitimate mediation companies provide and coordinate these services for you. They make it much easier.


You should start with a company that offers family mediation services. In general, a mediator is faster and more cost-efficient. This is because the target of mediation is amiable. Mediators can do the majority of the work for you and only engage lawyers to dot i’s and cross t’s.

Fairway is a mediation company that offers a fixed-cost resolution. This is best because it puts expenses up-front and promotes efficiency. From this, mediators have an interest in making the process as smooth as possible. In particular, Fairway’s INR™ is 69% less expensive than comparable lawyer’s fees.

Discover how Fairway has been helping families since 2006.

Family Lawyers

When deciding where to start, your choices boil down to either a mediator or a family lawyer. Be sure to find someone that specializes in divorce.

Divorce Lawyers

Lawyers have been around for a very long time. If no other legal avenues are available to you, then this may be the correct choice. If the dissolution carries on, lawyers can become pricey. Nobody wants a protracted court battle.

For contested divorces, lawyers are typically overpriced. The reason for this is that lawyers don’t get paid to settle fast, and divorce law is set up for confrontations. Pitting spouses against each other like this is slow and costly.

Yet rare, sometimes using a divorce lawyer alternative will fail. In this case, you will need to call a lawyer. Just make sure that you find the right one. If you need assistance, just call Fairway. We have lots of connections. You may also search for a family lawyer in our public directory.

Find a family lawyer in your province.

DIY Divorce Papers and Kits

Do-it-yourself divorce kits are a cheaper way to get an uncontested divorce. But, beware of the catches! Many spouses naively believe that they will have a simple, uncontested divorce. Instead, they discover mid-way that they can’t agree on some of the critical issues. In these instances, DIY divorce goes out of the window, and mediation becomes a necessity.

But even in the ideal case, where a DIY divorce goes well, not all kits are easy to understand, up-to-date, or comprehensive. Laws are different in the courts of every province. An astute legal mind may navigate the paperwork, but the rest of us are often left stumped. For this reason, the best DIY companies come with online technical support.

If you get stuck, pursue the aid of a mediation company or an attorney. Either will be able to finish your divorce papers.

Learn about online DIY divorce kits.

Divorce Mediation Companies

Picking a divorce mediation company is an excellent alternative to using a law firm. Divorce attorneys make money by creating conflict and tension. In contrast, mediators don’t. They do not pit you against your partner as lawyers do. Nor do they cost $400 an hour. In fact, mediators strive towards finding realistic compromises as quickly as they can. With proper navigation, you will have less stressful conflicts and still achieve a fair outcome.

Divorce Mediators

Mediators can help you through the entire breakup. They assist both you and your spouse to disclose finances. Also, they can draft a separation agreement. A mediator can help resolve your support and financial disputes. And if required, build a co-parenting plan for you as opposed to a paralegal who cannot. And, in the end, mediators can fill out and file your divorce papers with the courts.

You can choose from many online divorce mediation companies in Canada. But, the best divorce mediators will use Independently Negotiated Resolution™ (INR). Regularly, these types of mediators can often do all negotiations in less than six months. And, a quicker divorce hurts you less.

Contact a qualified mediator near you.

Independently Negotiated Resolution™ (INR)

INR is a proven process that takes you from start to finish. It uses trained mediators to reduce your pain, time, and cost. Plus, it aligns you with business and pension valuators, accountants, legal advisors, and tax experts. INR ends your marriage with less conflict and salvages your relationships. It is a step by step process created by divorce guru and best selling author, Karen Stewart. Karen knows what works and will help you from her decades of experience.

This process works for both amicable separations and high-conflict cases. INR starts by separating you from your spouse so that you can set your goals. This privacy helps you feel safe and secure when you express your thoughts.

Having listened to both of you, the mediator can understand both you and your spouse’s points of view. From this, the mediator will work with you to create fair agreements on all separation issues. Separating you from your spouse protects relationships by preventing bullying. This is even more vital if you have young children, as their future depends on the outcome.

Read about INR at Fairway.

Why Fairway Divorce Solutions?

Fairway offers the INR™ divorce mediation process. This proven model is better than hiring a divorce lawyer because it’s faster, easier and far less destructive.

Easy and Informative
We handle the divorce and filing process from the beginning to the end, to make it easy.
Fair and Upfront
We help you in-person and online. Our costs are upfront and lower, so you will have fewer surprises.
Fast and Friendly
Fairway is nimble. We promise 120 days to resolution from financial disclosure. In Canada, that is quick!
Protect Relationships
We protect your kids by creating co-parenting plans that work for you and your whole family.

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