Tara Livingston

Senior Resolution Expert

Tara Livingston

Tara Livingston

Owner and Senior Resolution Expert, Fairway Divorce
ADR · MDiv


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Tara Livingston is a seasoned professional and brings with her almost two decades of experience. Over the past 15 years, she has been working with individuals, couples and families as well as preparing hundreds of couples for marriage. Now she is bringing all of that passion and experience to help couples who are ending their marriage in a way that helps them financially, emotionally and with fairness. Tara continues her counselling and marriage preparation programs through TRL Consulting in Calgary, Alberta. Tara’s experience with working with children and youth will be evident when helping to create a parenting plan and coaching parents on how best to move forward.

Tara is originally from Ontario and has been in Alberta since 2006. She is the very proud mama to two amazing boys in their early 20’s and is happy to say that they came through their parents’ divorce relatively unscathed! She is a passionate writer, facilitator, counsellor and hiker and is excited about moving forward with Fairway.

“If I had it to do over again, the end of my marriage wouldn’t have taken seven years to complete. Rather than trying to make agreements on our own and to manage cross-border arrangements for money, visitation and the division of assets, I wish that we had someone to help us to mediate the details so that we could concentrate on the kids.”


  • Skilled counsellor
  • Board member of Calgary Alliance for the Common Good (ret.)
  • Speaker and coach
  • Licensee with Fairway Divorce Solutions
  • Retired clergy
  • Published author

Tara Livingston owns and operates a Fairway Divorce Solutions on 54th Street in Red Deer, AB.

Education And Training

Family Communication, Mediation for High Conflict Marriage, Property Division, Parenting & Child Support, Spousal Support through Herzing College
Introduction to Mediation LESA
Inter-faith study facilitator
Calgary Alliance for the Common Good Board Member
Director & Facilitator for Marriage Preparation for the Diocese of Calgary
Minister in the Anglican Church
Executive Directions for Directors of Non-Profits
Counseling diploma from Spiritual Practices Education
Masters in Divinity, Trinity College
University of Toronto
McMaster University
Owner and Principal Therapist, TKare Case Management providing care for Individuals with Acquired brain injuries

Professional Experiences

Tara began working in the caring field early in her career. In her 20’s, she provided behavioural support for high needs clients with developmental delays, autism and acquired brain injuries. In 1995 she began her first business venture working with legal offices to provide necessary supports to individuals affected by acquired brain injuries to help keep them in their home environment. In addition to training and overseeing staff, she coordinated with all other professionals to ensure the highest standard of care for those she served.

While studying for her Masters in Divinity, she took additional courses in Pastoral Counseling. Tara had a significant caseload of clients in both Hamilton and Toronto and saw this as the most potent influence in her future endeavours. Once ordained, she continued to counsel individuals, couples and families over the next 15 years.

Tara was an instrumental part of many parishes in the city of Calgary, overseeing budgets of $200,000 to $1.1M. Always mindful of the fiduciary concerns of the Churches, she ensured that funds were allocated where they would have the most impact both in the parish and in the community.

After years of preparing hundreds of couples for marriage and counselling couples during crisis, she now brings her compassion, expertise and skills to journeying with families at the end of their marriage.

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