Sandra Martin

Mediator at our Winnipeg Office

Sandra Martin

Sandra Martin

Mediator · Negotiator

Tel: 1-204-414-9181


Sandra graduated from the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Manitoba in 2003 and brings a diverse background to Fairway Divorce Solutions®. Her social work experience in providing family assessments equips her with unique insight on the challenges that families face when going through separation and divorce. Sandra’s helpful approach assists in mitigating conflict, encouraging healthy communication, finding the ever-elusive common ground between parties and ultimately a timely and efficient resolution for her clients.

Sandra Martin works out of the Fairway Divorce Winnipeg office (an independently owned franchise).

Fairway is truly the compassionate alternative to the traditional divorce. I enjoy being able to empower people to make informed decisions. These decisions lead to greater control of their future. Knowing that I am helping to ensure that children are protected and that assets are preserved makes my work very fulfilling.

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