Michael Sondermann

Owner and Resolution Expert

Michael Sondermann

Michael Sondermann

Owner and Resolution Expert


Tel: 1-587-350-7991


Michael is trained in mediation, alternative dispute resolution methods and FETI (Forensic Experiential Trauma-Informed Investigations) and has effectively conducted countless investigations applying the principles he has learned. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Alberta. Michael is passionate about helping people preserve what’s most important in life: self respect, relationships and wealth.

Divorce gives you a choice: live your life in unresolved conflict, spite and anger about the past, or negotiate, compromise and move forward toward a more positive future. One way will destroy your wealth, your self worth and your relationship with your children. The other will preserve your wealth, lift you up as a person, and show your children how much they mean to you.


  • Over 30 years resolving high conflict disputes
  • Collaborative
  • Innovative and solution driven

Education And Training

Bachelor of Arts
Political Science University of Calgary
Bachelor of Laws
University of Alberta
Alberta Family and Social Services
Small Business Owner
Mediation Training
Haynes Divorce and Family Mediation Certificate
Advanced Interest Based Negotiation Training
Trauma Informed Investigation Training
Mini MBA
McGill University

Professional Experiences

Michael is the owner of Fairway Solutions, Calgary Southwest. He has extensive experience in mediating and resolving high conflict disputes in the areas of divorce, child custody, support and the division of assets. Michael was trained and worked as a family mediator in the early 1990s before earning his LLB from the University of Alberta. As a lawyer, Michael focussed his practice on the areas of family law. He no longer practices law, but continues in the areas of mediation and dispute resolution.

Michael comes to Fairway after a consulting career during which he helped organizations in crisis create collaborative and functional work environments. Prior to entering the consulting world Michael managed teams of up to 80 people with budgets up to $8 million where he created risk identification and mitigation processes in addition to workplace Codes of Conduct and Behavioural Intervention systems. He has served as both an investigator and as an adjudicator in disciplinary processes.

Michael has presented his work to national and international audiences. His work has been turned into training courses used by organizations in diverse fields such as health care, higher education and government.

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