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Kirsty Katul

Kirsty Katul

Mediator · Negotiator
BA · MA · LL.B · Acc.FM

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Kirsty is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the Bar in 2002. Before law school, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Sociology from the University of Toronto, and her Master of Arts from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto.

Kirsty practiced family law litigation where she represented clients on all family law matters and helped negotiate complex settlements both in and out of court. She was also trained in Collaborative Family Law and through this non-adversarial process, learned the value of thinking outside the box in negotiating settlements.

Through her experience in family law litigation, Kirsty is aware of the financial and emotional burden imposed on families through the traditional legal process. She is passionate about mediation as a way to more effectively resolve matters in a respectful process; a process which assists clients to reach the best possible result for the family, while protecting their relationships and allowing them to move forward with their lives.

Kirsty is an Accredited Family Mediator with the Ontario Association of Family Mediators and a member of the Law Society of Ontario.

Kirsty is committed to the Fairway Process as the way to help clients reach their goals and concerns by customizing a settlement that is unique to their needs and allows them ultimate control over the outcome and the decisions that are made along the way.

I truly believe that helping people navigate the bumpy road of separation with respect, and assisting them to make well thought out and informed decisions, will help them to reach a new normal where the future can be bright.

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