Deborah Prowse

Owner and Resolution Expert

Deborah Prowse QC

Deborah Prowse QC

Owner and Resolution Expert

Tel: 1-587-350-7991


Deborah is known as a strategic leader in the fields of mediation, management of change in resolving crisis situations, alternate dispute resolution and the design of policy, training and programs. Deborah has demonstrated a common-sense approach to problem-solving. She has a reputation of tolerance, integrity and fairness and as a leader able to work in both private and public sectors with diverse groups, from all levels and backgrounds. Her keen sense of humour is a key part of her ability to build strong relationships and be a popular speaker.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” is a quote from Albert Einstein that has helped me through many crisis and conflict situations over my lifetime. I think we must choose to move beyond these points in our lives in a way that is better than where we started. Mediation allows us to do that by supporting our healing and growth. It allows us to strengthen both ourselves and those we need to have ongoing relationships within ways litigation never offers the parties.


  • High conflict dispute resolution
  • Trauma informed practice
  • Innovative problem solving

Education And Training

Bachelor of Arts (Political Science, Sociology, Psychology)
University of Alberta
Bachelor of Social Work
University of Calgary
Master of Social Work
University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Laws (2nd Class Honours)
University College Cardiff
Bullying and Harassment (including Occupational Health & Safety Act)
Workplace Investigation
Rubin Thomlinson
Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor
Trauma Informed Interviewing Workshop
Investigation Violence and Harassment: A practical guide for employers and unions
Conflict Management Coaching Telecourse
Parenting Coordination & Arbitration in Divorce/Separation
Patient Safety Course
University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine
Risk Management in the Workplace
Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association
Master Trainer & Faculty Member
Institute of Healthcare Communication
Calgary Health Region Procedures: Conducting a Safety Analysis
Foundations of Administrative Justice Course
Creating Workplace Environments that Reflect Human Rights Values
Cross Cultural Communication
Cultural Diversity Institute
Tongue Fu!® Certificate Training
Multiculturalism Education Course Level I & II
Decision Making, Writing Decisions
Institute of Administrative Justice
Haynes Divorce and Family Mediation Certificate
Crisis & Conflict Intervention Certificate
Canadian Police College, Ottawa
Sexual Assault: A guide for the Crisis Worker Training

Professional Experiences

Deborah has over 30 years of experience in resolving conflicts through alternate dispute resolution. She has provided mediation and conflict coaching services in more than 700 separation and divorce, workplace, healthcare and restorative justice situations. She has also trained hundreds of people in conflict management techniques including communication skills, negotiations, and arbitration. Deborah has developed specialization in the areas of domestic violence, high conflict, and bullying and harassment. She has a collaborative and trauma informed approach which supports positive resolution.

Deborah is a passionate advocate for finding resolution to conflict that allows parties to move forward with their lives in a better way.

  • Prowse Legal Services (legal, mediation and consultation services) 1990-present
  • Chair, Mental Health Review Panel (Calgary and South) 2020
  • Health Advocate for the Province of Alberta 2014-2018
  • Full-Time Commissioner, Office of the Chief Commissioner Alberta Human Rights Commission 2010-11
  • Sitting Justice of the Peace, Provincial Court of Alberta (Traffic Division) 1997-2009
  • Panel Chair, Alberta Human Rights Commission 1998-2003

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