Cameron Don

Registered Family Mediator and Senior Negotiator in Calgary

Cameron Don

Cameron Don

Senior Negotiator · RFM

Tel: 403-451-6288


As a senior mediator at Fairway Divorce Solutions,™ Cameron has been able to pursue his passion for assisting people in difficult situations.

Cameron has a unique ability to understand both the financial details and the family dynamics that blend together during the divorce process.

Through the years Cameron has developed extensive experience with financial analysis and problem-solving skills. Having been through the process the wrong way, Cameron believes in the process Karen has developed and looks forward to learning something new every day.


  • Property Division including pension and businesses
  • Economics
  • Accounting and finance
  • Developing financial solutions

Education And Training

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Counselor Qualification
Audit and Tax
Level 3 Accounting CGA Program
Level 2 Accounting CGA Program
Level 1 Accounting CGA Program
Micro and Macro Economics

Professional and Personal Experiences

Over the last 30 years, Cameron started down the accounting path as a store accounting for a retail chain, then auditing that same chain working for a National CA firm. He then went to work for a CA firm working in insolvency, spending most of his days compiling financial records for both insolvent companies and individuals. Moving from public practice to private industry Cameron then worked for the largest land developer at the time as a Divisional Controller. Subsequently, moved into manufacturing accounting in technology, working as R&D controller for a company on the leading edge of cell phone prototypes and runway electronics. Cameron then worked as a contract controller in many different manufacturing industries including mobile concrete, plastic extrusions, oil and gas data equipment and downhole inflatable packers. This included some of the largest companies in those industries like Nortel, Solectron and EVI Oil Tools.

In the end, he returned to a service role assisting people in difficult situations, educating people about insolvency. He was the Director of Operations for an insolvency company with seven corporate and ten franchise offices throughout western Canada, and then his own private company offering the same services for ten years.

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