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Divorce mediation experts. We help remove stress & expense of using a family lawyer. Save time, money, & protect the kids with our unique INR process.

About Karen Stewart

Karen Stewart has dedicated her life’s work to changing how divorce happens because she cares. A published author and founder of Fairway Divorce, read Karen Stewart’s story here.

Separation & Divorce Mediation Company

Canada’s leading national divorce mediation company offers separation and divorce services such as prenuptial agreements, cohabitation and custody plans. Fairway’s staff of mediators and resolution experts have been helping families for over a decade. Learn more about us here.

ALLY: Divorce for Couples

Separate without stress and conflict with a flat fee. Work through complex issues together to create a new future after divorce.

Benefits vs. Risks of a Divorce Lawyer

Before you file for a divorce, learn about the benefits & risks associated. Here is everything you will need to know before hiring a divorce lawyer.

Featured Blog Posts

The Fairway Divorce Blog covers topics on marriage, separation, divorce and family dispute resolutions. Learn from the experts in divorce mediation and financial services on how to save time and money in custody agreements, asset division, separation papers and more.

Submit a Guest Post

Are you passionate about blogging on marriage, relationships, family, and overcoming obstacles? Then we have great news for you: we are on a lookout for guest bloggers to post on our blog!

Karen Stewart's Books

Learn about the Karen Stewart's books: Clean Break, Divorce for Men, and Divorce for Women

Certified Financial Specialists

In efforts to reduce costs, many couples are looking outside the legal system for help going through a divorce. Certified Divorce Financial Analyst professionals are specialists in pre-divorce financial planning. They help preserve your family’s finances.

Child Custody and Co-parenting Plans

Child custody defines the legal guardians of children from common law, marriage or other relationships. In Canada, courts seldom award sole custody to one parent. Learn more about child custody plans, agreements, and guardianship to lay the foundation for positive co-parenting.

Child Support and Extraordinary Expenses

Child support is a payment providing financial support for dependent children. Stay informed of your rights & responsibilities & the rights of your children.

Child Support Calculator

Use this child support calculator to determine support payments based on your Canadian province & number of children. Fairway makes your divorce easier.

Co-Parenting Plans

A co-parenting plan is a written document outlining schedules, responsibilities and communication to help parents with raising their children in a fair and cooperative manner after separation or divorce.

Cohabitation & Prenuptial Agreements in Canada

Is a Cohabitation Agreement and a Prenuptial Agreement the same thing? They aren’t and it’s important that you know the difference. Take a read.

Cohabitation Agreements

A Cohabitation Agreement is a legal contract between an unmarried couple (cohabitants) that want to live together, but want to protect their vested interests.

Common Law

When two people live together in an unmarried relationship, they are referred to as adult interdependent partners of one another or Common Law.

Conflict Coaching

Our experienced team offer a range of dispute mediation and conflict coaching services to ensure you’re prepared. Find out what conflict coaching is here!

No Cost Divorce Advice & Consultation

Need divorce advice or assistance? Contact any one of our locations in Canada today. Our first divorce consultation is provided at no charge.

Marriage, Divorce & Family Workshops

Get the support and help you need from our online marriage, divorce and family workshops, webinars and seminars. Find out more or download them here!

Divorce Filing

How to file for divorce quickly in Canada. Learn about grounds for divorce, paperwork, rules and the difference between a contested and no-fault divorce.

Divorce in Your Province

Every province in Canada has its own laws. It’s important to understand your responsibilities & rights in terms of property, support, & custody. Learn more now.

Filing For Divorce in Alberta

Filing for divorce in Alberta? If you’re facing divorce, you will have a lot of questions. Mediation is a faster and more cost effective way. Fairway can help.

Filing For Divorce in British Columbia

Filing for divorce in BC? If you’re facing divorce, you will have a lot of questions. Mediation is a faster and more cost effective way. Fairway can help.

Filing For Divorce in Manitoba

Filing for divorce in Manitoba? Mediation is an alternative to an expensive lawyer. Expert assistance on division of property, support payments, custody & more.

Filing For Divorce in Ontario

Filing for divorce in Ontario? If you’re facing divorce, you will have a lot of questions. Mediation is a faster and more cost effective way. Fairway can help.

Divorce in Saskatchewan

Filing for divorce in Saskatchewan? Mediation is an alternative to an expensive lawyer. Expert assistance on division of property, support payments, custody & more.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a way of resolving conflict and martial disputes without courts or expensive lawyers. Fairway are experts in alternative dispute resolution.

Our Divorce Services

With our divorce services, avoid the courts and the conflict through mediation.

Our Divorce Process

Divorce is stressful. It's what’s best for you, your partner, assets & most importantly your children. The most effective and cost effective way to part amicably.

Divorce Advice

Do you have questions about your divorce or separation in Canada? Get a fast and experienced response from experts with this contact form.

How to Start a Divorce

How do I end my marriage and what comes first, the separation agreement or divorce papers? Find out if you need a divorce lawyer and learn the process of getting a divorce from the mediation and negotiation experts at Fairway.

Family Business Mediation

Mediation is a negotiation process in which a trained mediator works to bring the parties that are in dispute into an agreement. Family business mediation, as an alternative to costly litigation, offers businesses a less expensive and quicker way to settle civil disputes.

Family Law Directory

Our directory of lawyers and law firms specializing in family law and divorce. Listings are separated by country, region, and city for your convenience.

Divorce Lawyers in Canada

Looking for a Divorce Lawyer? Find lawyers specializing in family law & divorce in Canada. Ask how we save you money & time with divorce mediation.

Using Family Mediation for Divorce

This article provides an overview of the process of family mediation. It explains how the process works and how it can be a better solution for divorcing couples than going to court.

Fast Track Divorce Mediation & Resolution

Fairway introduced the Fast Track, a condensed INR process that can achieve a separation agreement quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a divorce can be confusing and stressful. We’ve put these questions and answers together to make things a little easier for you.

Get Divorced

Facing a divorce in Canada or looking to get separated? Here is some info on lawyers, family mediation, self-representation or alternative dispute resolution.

Clean Break: Guide to Divorce

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, Karen Stewart’s Book - Guide to Divorce - helps you to avoid the pitfalls of divorce and separation. Buy the book online now!

Independently Negotiated Resolution

INR can make divorce fair and fast! Independently Negotiated Resolution™ is only available through Fairway and can take much of the stress out of separation.

INR: Independently Negotiated Resolution

Divorce fast and fair with a one-stop-shop process. Separate without stress with INR, only available through Fairway.


Fairway Divorce Solutions offers competitive salaries and opportunity for growth. Join us and help grow your career. Offices across Canada.

Divorce and Separation Glossary of Legal Terms

Familiarize yourself on legal terms with our separation and divorce glossary. These terms will help you understand the terminology that family and matrimonial lawyers use.

Canadian Litigation Support

Professional litigation support services from Canada’s leading experts.

Canadian Office Locations

Fairway Divorce Solutions, has its corporate headquarters in Calgary. Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario are our Canadian office locations.

Airdrie Mediation Services & Divorce Solutions

Divorce lawyers in Airdrie can be costly. Fairway Divorce Solutions Airdrie provides you with a range of quality divorce and family mediation services with upfront costs. Please meet with our Airdrie divorce resolution team today.

Banff Mediation Services & Divorce Solutions

Divorce lawyers in Banff can be costly. Fairway Divorce Solutions Banff provides you with a range of quality divorce and family mediation services with upfront costs. Please meet with our Banff divorce resolution team today.

Calgary Divorce Mediation Office Locations

Locate a divorce mediation office in Calgary, Alberta. Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process for couples thinking about divorce. Find a divorce mediator near you.

Calgary Divorce Lawyer Alternative

Divorce attorneys in Calgary can be expensive, we’re not. Located downtown Calgary, Fairway Divorce Solutions provides quality mediation services. Let our Calgary team help you through your divorce.

Canmore Mediation Services & Divorce Solutions

Divorce lawyers in Canmore can be costly. Fairway Divorce Solutions Canmore provides you with a range of quality divorce and family mediation services with upfront costs. Please meet with our Canmore divorce resolution team today.

Cochrane Mediation Services & Divorce Solutions

Divorce lawyers in Cochrane can be costly. Fairway Divorce Solutions Cochrane provides you with a range of quality divorce and family mediation services with upfront costs. Please meet with our Cochrane divorce resolution team today.

Edmonton Mediation Services & Divorce Solutions

Fairway Divorce in Edmonton helps with mediation and disputes at better rates than divorce lawyers. Providing divorce mediation and separation agreement drafting, we help you through your divorce quickly.

Edmonton Southwest

Fairway Edmonton Southwest mediators are experts in divorce, business and family negotiation and conflict resolution


Divorce lawyers can be expensive, we’re not. Located in Okotoks, AB, Fairway provides you with a range of quality divorce resolution services. Meet with our team today.

Red Deer Mediation Services & Divorce Solutions

Lawyers can be expensive. Fairway’s Independently Negotiated Resolution method makes divorce more cost effective and simple. Located in Red Deer, Alberta.

Kelowna Mediation & Divorce Services

Going through a separation in Kelowna? Divorce mediation services are a better alternative to a lawyer. There’s an easier way & it’s Fairway.

Langley Mediation & Divorce Services

Fairway Divorce Langley will help you find resolution without the high cost of lawyers

Winnipeg Mediation & Divorce Services

Going through a separation in Winnipeg? Divorce mediation services are a better alternative to a lawyer. There’s an easier way & it’s Fairway.

Oakville Burlington

Divorcing in Oakville Burlington? We are a less stressful alternative to a costly lawyer & specialize in financial analysis & real estate. An easier way, a Fairway.

Waterloo Wellington Mediation Services & Divorce Solutions

Going through a separation in Waterloo, Wellington or Kitchener? Divorce mediation services are a better alternative to a lawyer. There’s an easier way & it’s Fairway.

Saskatoon Mediation & Divorce Services

At Fairway Divorce in Saskatoon, we use a divorce mediation method that resolves couples' separation quickly. Combining mediation with divorce lawyers in Saskatoon, we reduce stress and cost.

Divorce Facts & Statistics

Why do people get divorced? What increases the odds? What to watch out for to avoid separating? Here are some interesting statistics we’ve discovered.

Family Mediation

Requiring assistance, advice or support through your divorce? Our proven family mediation services go beyond that. Learn about a unique divorce mediation process — 120 Days to Resolution.

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Our Leadership

Led by Karen Stewart the expert team at Fairway Divorce was founded to help Canadian families transition through divorce without draining your assets.

Our Mediators

Introducing the Fairway Divorce Solutions team. A contact list of the top licensed divorce mediators, negotiators and resolution experts in Canada.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding agreement created by two people before marriage. Commonly abbreviated prenup, this agreement is intended for couples who have pre-marriage assets, debts or children and want to set out in advance legalities if the marriage breaks down. Learn more about prenuptial agreements.

Privacy Policy

Fairway Divorce Solutions privacy policy covers our business structure and the policies we have regarding personal information for our Canadian clients.

Clean Break - A Guide to Divorce

Divorce is costly. After her own costly divorce, Karen’s ideas and vision lead to the creation of Fairway Divorce, this book, and a passion for advocating through media for changing the way divorce happens.

Matrimonial Property Division

Matrimonial Property Division is how assets are divided in a divorce. In Canada, each province has its own laws. Learn how mediation & arbitration works.

Rural and Remote Mediation

Offers professional business negotiators, family mediators and divorce specialists remotely and online to help Canadians resolve high conflict negotiations to achieve a peaceful resolution. Using video conferencing software to help couples, family and corporations overcome sensitive matters.

Resolution Experts

Our expert team provides Alternative Dispute Resolution services across Canada. Resolve business, personal and divorce disputes without going to court. Contact us today!

Divorce Resources and Information

A Knowledge Centre with Canadian information and resources on divorce, mediation, separation, family law and more.


Search the Fairway Divorce Solutions website and divorce blog

Self Representation Help

If you’re an individual who needs help preparing to represent yourself in the provincial courts, Fairway can assist you in the areas of separation & divorce proceedings. We have helped numerous people in Canada who have chosen to self represent without a lawyer to come out on top. Learn more about self representation.

Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is necessary for both property or children. Professionally drafted separation papers & other divorce documents at an affordable cost.

Services to Help You Through Divorce

We help couples and individuals separate cleanly with our proven results-driven INR, ALLY, and SOLE divorce processes.


Fairway Divorce Solutions Sitemap. Find links to important information on divorce, separation and family mediation.

SOLE: Divorce for Individuals

Divorce the Fairway, even when your spouse won't cooperate. We'll help you get through the process with your dignity intact.

Spousal Support

Spousal Support (alimony or maintenance) is money paid by one spouse to another after divorce. Understand your rights. There are many factors involved.

Brigette Shoppoff | Resolution Expert, Mediator

Looking to file for a divorce in Winnipeg? Brigette Shoppoff, Resolution Expert, Divorce Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst provides expert advice and the support you require.

Brittany Doucet, General Counsel

Brittany helps clients work their way through separation and divorce in a manner that will not destroy the family unit. She understands matrimonial and family law across Canada, as well as provides legal information about family law and divorce to clients.

Caroline Cranston | Resolution Expert, Mediator

Caroline is an experienced Financial Planner, Divorce Financial Analyst, Coach, Speaker and Leader with 26 years of experience in the financial world.

Corey Anderson | Franchise Partner, Resolution Expert, Mediator

A registered family mediator, Corey Anderson assists with separation, divorce and mediation for couples in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and Kelowna. Corey is registered through Alberta Family Mediation Society and is a Parenting Facilitator certified in using the Independently Negotiated Resolution™ mediation process.

Jen Hoenisch | Resolution Expert, Mediator

If you are wanting to file for a divorce, Jen Hoenisch, our expert Fairway Mediator can provide you with the advice and support you require. Jen graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Conflict Resolution Studies.

Karen Stewart | Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of Fairway Divorce Solutions and author of Clean Break — Guide to Divorce, Karen Stewart specializes in high net worth family mediation, innovation, franchising and writing.

Ljubica Krpan | Franchise Partner, Mediation Associate

Ljubica has over 20 years of experience in financial analysis, meditation, negotiation and entrepreneurship

Nahannai Lewis | Resolution Expert, Mediator

Nahannai, a divorce mediator from our Winnipeg team, can provide the right expert advice and support you need through this time of separation or divorce. Graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba, her expertise is in child protection litigation and family law.

Sandra Martin | Resolution Expert, Mediator

Sandra Martin from our Winnipeg office has years of experience and can provide you with the assistance and separation advice you require.

Tracy Kendel | Franchise Owner, Resolution Expert, Mediator

Tracy Kendel, top senior negotiator and mediator from our Saskatoon office, can provide you with expert divorce & financial services, leaving you feeling confident & supported through the divorce.

Cameron Don | Resolution Expert, Mediator

As a registered family mediator and senior negotiator in Calgary, Cameron Don assists with separation, divorce and expert mediation for couples and families. With 18 years in accounting within public practice and private companies, Cameron has incredible experience in insolvency and developing financial solutions.

Christie Moser | Divorce Mediator

Resolution Expert, Christie Moser, assists with separation, divorce and mediation for couples in Airdrie, Cochrane, Canmore, and Banff. Christie is a chartered accountant and mediation associate certified in using the Independently Negotiated Resolution™ mediation process.

Colette Fortin | Franchise Owner, Resolution Expert, Mediator

Specializing in family mediation, Colette Fortin is Waterloo’s divorce expert. As a top Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, she provides quality advice on separation and divorce issues.

Deena Gangbar | Divorce Mediator

Deena is a mediation associate with Fairway Divorce Waterloo and has several years of mediation experience, positively impacting individuals and families through the alternative disruption resolution process.

Jen Sauro | Franchise Partner, Mediation Associate

Jen Sauro is a co-owner of Fairway Niagara, and her skillset is especially appreciated in separation and divorce scenarios involving children

Julie Junge | Divorce Mediator

Julie Junge is a Resolution Expert with the Waterloo Wellington office

Madison Hamilton | Divorce Mediator

Madison is a vibrant and attentive Resolution Expert who is passionate about helping others

Michael Cugliari | Divorce Mediator

Michael Cugliari is a mediation associate at Fairway Divorce Waterloo. He is a skilled facilitator who encourages healthy communication and has several years of financial advisory experience.

Michael Kaufman | Divorce Mediator

Michael Kaufman is a Resolution Expert and accredited mediator with the Waterloo Wellington Ontario office

Sarah Whyte | Franchise Partner, Resolution Expert, Mediator

Sarah Whyte is an accredited family mediator for Fairway Waterloo Wellington who combines patience and creativity to design unique parenting solutions.

Testimonials: Read Our Reviews

Fairway Divorce, the leading divorce mediator in Canada. With expert advice and assistance in divorce and separation, our testimonials reflect our work. Read the reviews and client testimonials.

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Thank you for your interest in Fairway Divorce. We watch our inbox throughout the day so please expect a response within the next few business hours.

Thank You for Filling Out the Survey

Thank you for using the services of Fairway Divorce Solutions.

Uncontested vs. Contested

There are two ways divorce can go - contested or uncontested. A contested divorce is one in which the parties cannot agree, either about getting divorced or the terms of the separation, such as the division of property, allocation of debts, spousal support, or child custody.

Our Values

Fairway Divorce Solutions is the alternative to traditional divorce. Our values & culture transpire into extraordinary customer service putting family first.

Online Virtual Divorce Mediation

With Virtual Divorce Mediation Solutions, Fairway is online wherever your camera is, and we can work with you remotely to facilitate your divorce from anywhere in Canada. So, take the first step into your new life.