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COVID-19, and What We’re Doing

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We understand that these are difficult times for everyone and compounded for those facing a divorce. At Fairway, all of our offices across Canada want to ensure that we continue to move you along your separation process by offering:

  • Virtual meetings over the phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and other teleconferencing software
  • No-charge introduction meetings
  • One-on-one financial meetings
  • Joint resolution meetings for parenting and financial division

Rural and Remote Mediation

What is remote divorce mediation?

It is when mediation is done remotely and not in person. With today’s technology, holding either a one-on-one or larger party negotiation is simple. Video conferencing applications installed on your PC allows you to communicate with a divorce mediator. The technology has become so advanced that it virtually feels like you are in the same room.

Remote Mediation Teleconference

The benefits of remote mediation

There are many reasons we are seeing an increase in the number of mediations happening remotely using technologies like Zoom, Skype, Go to Meeting, etc. Given that these platforms feel so comfortable and are easy to use, parties can save in travel time and money. This technology allows those who are perhaps in more rural or harder to get to places to access the higher quality of talent that is present in the more populated locations. Everyone can have access to great quality professionals. As well getting larger parties to find a time that works for everyone is much easier as you can log in from wherever you are.

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How Fairway Can Help You

We can setup you up with the software you need in minutes and get right into helping with family or business mediation. Get Advice Now.

The Fairway Process

The focus is on turning good intentions into good results by empowering both the children and the parents with a well thought out parenting plan.

Confidentiality of remote mediation

There are ways to set up confidential private conversations, referred to as caucusing using technology.

At Fairway we serve all of Canada

Fairway makes it very easy to work with our team both remotely or in person. We have had a lot of success using this methodology, and many clients appreciate the time it saves. We are seeing significant interest in remote mediation and can accommodate any party chooses to use it.

Canada-Wide Service

With 12 office locations!

Higher conflicted cases are very well suited to remote mediation, as they do not need to be in the same room or location together.

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