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Fairway Divorce Solutions® has been proudly helping families in Edmonton resolve their separation & divorce issues for over 10 years.

We offer services in divorce filings, separation agreements, family mediation / dispute resolutions and negotiations. We will assist in legal education, financial disclosure, property division, child and spousal support as well as a comprehensive parenting plan.

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Divorce is about two things: money and kids.

Fighting it out with Divorce Lawyers does not protect either.

If you are separating or divorcing, our step by step 120 day to resolution (after disclosure) proprietary process will protect your children and your assets by focusing on bringing resolution in a pragmatic way. Our Edmonton resolution mediation experts use our proven process to ensure all your issues are resolved in a timely, cost efficient way that reduces stress and protects relationships.

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Tel: 1-780-784-6657

Our downtown Edmonton location serves all of Edmonton and its surrounding area including Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Devon, Lamont, Whitecourt, Camrose, Wetaskiwin and as far north as Fort McMurray.

Edmonton Location

Fairway Edmonton understands that your children come first. Our team will ensure that your children do not become pawns in the conflict, and will work with you to develop a parenting plan that creates a positive co-parenting relationship. With Fairway’s assistance, your parenting plan will be comprehensive and will cover all the details you need to move forward.

Your plan will include a parenting schedule, custody, a process for decision making, travel, holidays, introducing new partners, extra-ordinary expenses, RESP contributions, and more. For couples who need more support, Fairway Edmonton can refer you to a parenting coordinator to assist you in minimizing conflict and keep your family out of court.

With us, you can move through your divorce in a way that brings civility to your process without compromising your outcomes. We understand that there is fear and often mistrust, but fighting it out in court is an outdated traditional model that seldom results in a better outcome. At Fairway Edmonton, we are focused on the laying a positive foundation for positive new beginnings while ensuring you get a fair outcome and keep the assets in your pockets

The office is conveniently located downtown Edmonton in the beautiful historic LeMarchand Mansion.

Independently Negotiated Resolution™

Emotions matter, but they shouldn’t play havoc with your smart decision making. We use a proprietary step-by-step process that centers on making decisions about finances and co-parenting vs. creating a circus of using affidavits and legal applications that often focus on non-factual differences of opinion.

Our Edmonton Office Team

Fairway recognizes that some divorcing couples, may require additional outside professional expertise. For those with complex or who are high net worth, we will quarterback other professionals to ensure you get the best advice possible. This includes; divorce lawyers, psychologists, business and pension valuators, financial professionals, tax experts etc. We will do whatever it takes to help you resolve your issues and avoid fighting it out with divorce lawyers.

Corey Anderson

Corey Anderson

RFM / Negotiator

As one of our top Registered Family Mediators, Parenting Coordinators and Senior Negotiators, Corey supports couples moving through a marital dispute by providing financial and personal clarity. Corey has helped hundreds of families in Alberta resolve disputes using the Independently Negotiated Resolution™ process developed by our firm.

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Brittany Doucet

Brittany Doucet

Lawyer and Legal Expert

Brittany is a lawyer employed full-time to monitor changes to the law locally and nationally ensuring that our processes always provide our offices with the best and most current understanding of matrimonial and family law. In addition, she provides consultative advice to our Resolution Experts on matters affecting individual client case files.

Dawn Vader

Dawn Vader

Certified Mediator

Dawn has lived in the Edmonton area for more than 30 years and been in finance roles during the best and worst of Alberta's economic times.

I am a lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta and I’ve been working with Fairway Divorce Solutions to help client’s resolve the issues resulting from their separation and impending Divorce since 2008. As a lawyer working with Fairway I’ve been involved in helping clients with the legal processes involved after the mediation itself is concluded, such as divorce proceedings, dividing pensions, independent legal advice to the mediated agreement, transfer of properties, etc.

In the last 8 years, I’ve reviewed numerous mediated agreements prepared by Fairway Divorce Solutions and I’ve found them to be of the utmost quality in terms of the legal soundness of the agreement as well as the clarity of terms. I’ve never had a client come to me, after concluding mediation with Fairway Divorce Solutions, who had ongoing issues surrounding the parenting of their children with their former spouse.

I’ve found that clients who go through the process with Fairway Divorce Solutions have a sound understanding of the agreement they are entering into, a sound understanding of the financial consequences of their separation and that they maintain a positive working relationship with their former spouse, if not a cordial relationship. Despite handling matters start to finish in a litigation setting with my own clients, I’ve often referred potential client’s to Fairway Divorce Solutions when it seems that mediation would be an appropriate method for them to resolve their separation.

Chris King
Edmonton Family Lawyer

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to ensuring that your separation agreement is thorough and has addressed all of the issues around financial property division, child support and spousal support, as well as a comprehensive and useful parenting plan.

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Fairway Edmonton can help any couple or family requiring separation or divorce dispute resolution. We are here to help those who need some assistance is making decisions, achieving a signed Separation Agreement and Filing for Divorce. In addition, you can rest assured that with Fairway you will have confidentiality and discretion that is not available in traditional litigation.

In Edmonton, divorce lawyers can be costly, we’re not. We are the divorce lawyer alternative, call us now to set up a no charge consultation.