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Fairway Divorce Solutions® Waterloo-Wellington is part of Canada’s largest national divorce mediation service. We work with couples, families and individuals throughout Southwestern Ontario who are facing the challenges of divorce. Our divorce mediators are experts in parenting, complex asset division, wealth preservation and conflict resolution.

Simplifying the way couples and families transition through separation and divorce.

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Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences in life, but it doesn’t have to leave you broke and broken.

Nowadays, most separating couples don’t want to go through the costly, traditional legal process. But it’s too technical and emotional to try and do it yourselves. Unfortunately, broken trust and fear can often overwhelm people and pull them into an unnecessary legal battle. At Fairway, we’ll help you sort out the details of your separation and provide you with the legal education and the right information so that you can make informed decisions.

Separation and divorce doesn’t have to cost you tens of thousands of dollars or take years to sort out. Divorce the Fair Way. We’re focused on changing the way divorce happens right here in Waterloo Region and Southwestern Ontario.

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Colette Fortin Divorce Mediator, Negotiator, Franchise Owner
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Fairway Divorce

25 Young Street East
Waterloo, Ontario  N2J 2L4

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Tel: 1-519-954-6240

Serving Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, London, Stratford, Brantford and surrounding areas in Southwestern Ontario

Waterloo-Wellington Office

Our Southwestern Ontario office has helped hundreds of Ontario couples achieve fair resolution through mediation, rather than litigation. Contact us to book your no charge introductory consultation to and experience the friendly, calming atmosphere of our Waterloo office.

We’re centrally located to serve Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, London and Brantford and surrounding areas in Southwestern Ontario. We also offer long-distance mediation for your convenience.

Divorce and Children

There is no question that great care must be taken in order to minimize the negative impact of the separation on the children. Helping parents support their children through the divorce process is a key focus of our Southwestern Ontario office. Providing clients with a wide range of coaching and educational information, parents will learn how to use the right language to talk with their kids about separation, as well as develop schedules that best suit the needs of their children. Most importantly, parents will learn post-separation communication strategies to enable positive co-parenting in the future.

Division of Assets

Today’s financial climate is more complex than ever – whether you are dealing with a business, pensions, investment properties or other high net worth situations – we’ll help you explore different options and strategies to best preserve your wealth. And then we’ll bring together the right experts in coming up with a fair resolution that is forward-thinking. That’s what Waterloo-Wellington clients have come to appreciate about the mediation experience at Fairway Divorce. Subhead:

In Ontario, divorce without a legal battle is not only possible, it’s now the most sought after alternative.

Independently Negotiated Resolution™

Emotions matter, but they shouldn’t play havoc with your smart decision making. We use a proprietary step-by-step process that centers on making decisions about finances and co-parenting vs. creating a circus of using affidavits and legal applications that often focus on non-factual differences of opinion.

Welcome to Waterloo-Wellington’s Team

Our experienced divorce mediators are experts in the unique differences of Waterloo Region. We understand the challenges of this fast moving real estate market, as well as the stock ownership complexities of the many tech start-ups in the region. With over 400 cases completed, you can be assured your separation and divorce will be handled expertly and with compassion.

Colette Fortin

Colette Fortin

Mediator/Negotiator, Franchise Owner

As a Senior Negotiator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Colette is considered one of the leading divorce coaches in Southern Ontario. Colette is the owner of the Waterloo/Wellington office and has supported hundreds of families to reach a resolution in a way that protects the children and financial futures. She understands the fears couples have when facing the difficult decisions surrounding their divorce.

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Sarah Whyte

Sarah Whyte


Sarah is an Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM) and a member of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM) and brings with her several previous years of project and client management experience. Sarah’s client-centered approach, coupled with her strong organizational skills and leadership qualities have made her the perfect addition to the Waterloo-Wellington office.

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What Others Have to Say

Working with Colette streamlined the separation process and allowed us to work together collaboratively, making decisions for the best possible outcome for our family going forward. Colette's straightforward approach and positive attitude made an inherently stressful situation as simple as it could have been. I was incredibly impressed with how efficiently Fairway Divorce Solutions was able to create a Resolution Plan, as we used their fast track method to ensure the financial matters could be handled as quickly as possible. With having all the financial details ready for the initial meeting and Colette mediating the family plan details we were able to have a draft of the Resolution Plan within a month of the initial meeting, and with the helpful recommendation for Lawyers who have worked with Fairway Divorce Solutions often, the separation agreement was finalized in less than a month. Colette is the first person I would contact should I have a family dispute in the future and would highly recommend Fairway Divorce Solutions. I truly can't thank Colette and Sarah enough for all their fantastic work.

Waterloo-Wellington Client
January 2019

Fairway Divorce Solutions offers a structured approach to family mediation, which provides clients with the secure knowledge that they are moving forward along the path to settlement. From the perspective of a lawyer who has worked with many Fairway clients, this structured approach avoids any opportunity for one spouse to force the other through an unnaturally expedited process while still promoting a streamlined and efficient means of addressing the issues for the benefit of both spouses. Often, one spouse may seem almost desperate to leave the marriage behind while the other may still be grieving the loss of the relationship. Seeing either of these people at the end of Fairway’s structured process, they are generally confident in their resolution and able to look positively to the future.

Jennifer Breithaupt
Kitchener Family Lawyer

I highly recommend Fairway Divorce Solutions. We dealt with Colette Fortin and she is a true professional. The information received was well presented and informative. It was reassuring to have help navigating the many aspects of a divorce. I am very grateful for a calm environment and to know that a fair resolution was reached for both parties involved. Thank you Colette and the staff at Fairway Divorce Solutions.

July 2018

I used Fairway Divorce Solutions. My mediator was Sarah Whyte. They do a very extensive process that covers everything. Sarah did a great job explaining everything in a clear manner which was very helpful. If this is a service that you need. I would recommend Fairway Divorce Solutions.

April 2018

Kirsty and Fairway Divorce was the perfect solution to our separation. We were supported and guided to a fair and comfortable result, with kindness and compassion. Kirsty particularly went above and beyond all our expectations and even had us giggling and joking. It was potentially a very difficult situation that was made easy and made us both feel safe and protected.

July 2018

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to ensuring that your separation agreement is thorough and has addressed all of the issues around financial property division, child support and spousal support, as well as a comprehensive and useful parenting plan.

Ontario’s Only Nationally Recognized Divorce Company

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