Fairway is Winnipegs first choice in divorce mediation for couples with assets and children Making a difference in the way couples and families transition through divorce.

Fairway Divorce Solutions® Winnipeg is passionate about making a difference in the way couples and families transition through divorce. You need to protect your assets and your children and we will work with you to ensure that happens. There is a better way and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

What sets Fairway apart from other mediation / negotiation firms, is our expertise on financial division, wealth preservation and strategy. We are committed to our cornerstones: Reduce Time, Reduce Cost, Reduce Stress and Protect Kids; so that you may lay the foundation for new beginnings. We offer a free consultation and provide a flat-fee quote with installment options.

What We Do

Compared to The Traditional Way, our Fairway Process™ provides clients with a clear advantage.

  • Legalized
  • Comprehensive Parenting Plan
  • Spousal/Child Support Plan
  • Division of Assets
  • Collection & Agree on Numbers
  • Engage Parties for Win-Win
What Sets Us Apart

Who We Are

Fairway is the first choice in divorce for couples with assets and children. We offer a strategic, step-by-step dispute resolution process for those who wish to access the best services in one complete package. Our clients work with our team, who will bring resolution on all issues.

Our team has a passion for helping couples formulate a future of positive new beginnings. Our team has worked with hundreds of people moving them efficiently and effectively through the divorce process. The methodology and process; Independently Negotiated Resolution (INR)™ has been implemented by other mediators across Canada speaking volumes about its success. Fairway Divorce Mediators / Negotiators will strive to have your case completed within 120 days from the time that we receive your completed financial disclosure.

While financial issues are often the most difficult to resolve, we understand that kids come first and our professionals will develop a parenting plan that will assist you in creating a positive co-parenting relationship so that your children can prosper.

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We promise to - Reduce Time, Reduce Cost, Reduce Stress, Protect the children and relationships...