Fairway is Vancouver's First Choice In Divorce Mediation.

Divorce is a painful process and the traditional system often makes it worse. At Fairway Divorce Solutions® we are changing the way divorce happens. We provide families with a safe and comfortable environment where they can make well-informed, life changing decisions.

Fairway is committed to helping families move through divorce in a way that reduces time and stress while protecting your children and preserving your assets. Fairway Divorce Solutions puts families first.

What We Do

Compared to The Traditional Way, our Fairway Process™ provides clients with a clear advantage.

  • Engage Parties for Win-Win
  • Collection & Agree on Numbers
  • Division of Assets
  • Spousal/Child Support Plan
  • Comprehensive Parenting Plan
  • Legalized
What Sets Us Apart

Who We Are

At Fairway in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we utilize a collaborative approach in working with families. Each situation is unique, and we are ready with a variety of options and experts committed to working with you effectively and efficiently through the separation and divorce process.

We empower people to become decision makers in their process, and support people to set the foundations for a new beginning. We work to ensure that divorce is an event in your life and that it doesn’t define your life.

We offer a strategic, step-by-step dispute resolution process that moves families through dispute in a better way.

Our Commitment To You

  • You will be an empowered, informed decision-maker
  • You will be confident you know your legal rights when applicable
  • We will ensure emotions do not get in the way of wise decisions
  • We will establish and maintain a balance of power so no one feels bullied or vulnerable
  • We will ensure you have a parenting plan so you can raise confident, inspired children
  • We will strive to keep your wealth and your careers intact
  • We will facilitate conflict resolution with multi-family members to protect assets, businesses, estates and relationships

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