Fairway is Kelownas first choice in divorce mediation for couples with assets and children Making a difference in the way couples and families transition through divorce.

Fairway Divorce Solutions® Kelowna is passionate about making a difference in the way couples and families transition through divorce. You need to protect your assets and your children and we will work with you to ensure that happens.

Whether you are married or common-law, our proven step-by-step process can provide you and your spouse with a win-win solution when getting a divorce. We use our strategic independently negotiated resolution process to ensure your stress is reduced, your assets are preserved and your children are protected. While the average divorce takes three years, we strive to have you done within 120 days after financial disclosure.

What We Do

Compared to The Traditional Way, our Fairway Process™ provides clients with a clear advantage.

  • Legalized
  • Comprehensive Parenting Plan
  • Spousal/Child Support Plan
  • Division of Assets
  • Collection & Agree on Numbers
  • Engage Parties for Win-Win
What Sets Us Apart

Who We Are

Our goal is to give couples an alternative to lengthy and costly legal battles. We have proven that there is a better way to move through divorce and disputes and Fairway Kelowna is that way.

At Fairway Kelowna our team is committed to ensuring that you are an empowered decision maker and that you maintain control. We understand that your kids come first but also that you want to preserve the wealth that you have worked so hard to build.

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