Karen Stewart - Fairway Professional Mediator

Karen Stewart

As the Founder of Fairway, Karen oversees the strategic development and growth of the company. Karen is an entrepreneur who is leading with innovation to change the way divorce happens. She is a presenter, speaker, writer and author of “Clean Break”. As a Chartered Mediator and Senior Negotiator, Karen focuses her negotiation on high net worth families across Canada.

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Matthew Ball - Fairway Professional Mediator

Matthew Ball

As the President and COO, Matthew oversees the Corporate Operations of Fairway Divorce Solutions®.

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Micheline Maes - Fairway Professional Mediator

Micheline Maes

As a Senior Negotiator, Micheline supports couples through the financial implications of divorce. Micheline is a Certified Financial Planner who educates people on their financial options to make sound financial decisions. If a client has money to negotiate, Micheline is the expert to work with through their divorce.

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Erika Deines - Fairway Professional Mediator

Erika Deines

As a Chartered Mediator and Senior Negotiator, Erika supports people through the INR process with a focus on conflict management. Erika is a Conflict Coach and educator in all areas of dispute including multi family business mediations. Erika guides clients through the crucial conversations that evolve through disputes.

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Corey Anderson - Fairway Professional Mediator

Corey Anderson

As a Registered Family Mediator, Senior Negotiator and Parenting Coordinator, Corey supports people moving through a dispute by providing financial and personal clarity. Corey has helped hundreds of families resolve disputes using the Independently Negotiated Resolution process.

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Tracy Kendel - Fairway Professional Mediator

Tracy Kendel

As a Senior Negotiator and Owner of the Saskatoon office, Tracy has supporting over 500 couples to reach resolution in divorce. Tracy has received the Top Senior Negotiator Award at Fairway and is focused on guiding couples to become future-focused.

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Colette Fortin - Fairway Professional Mediator

Colette Fortin

As a Senior Negotiator and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Colette is considered one of the leading divorce coaches in Southern Ontario. Colette is the owner of the Kitchener-Waterloo office and has supported hundreds of families to reach resolution in a way that protects the children and financial futures.

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Renée D. Bolin Nichols - Fairway Professional Mediator

Renée D. Bolin Nichols

As a Senior Negotiator, Renee supports couples with high and low conflict to provide them with an Independently Negotiated Resolution. As a non-practicing Lawyer Renee’s experience in the traditional process in family law gives Renee valuable insight in order to support couples to reach a solution.

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Sandra Martin - Fairway Professional Mediator

Sandra Martin

As a Senior Negotiator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Sandra’s helpful approach supports families in mitigating conflict while encouraging healthy communication. Sandra’s previous social work experience provides her insight into the challenges that families face in order to provide them with a fair resolution.

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Brigette Downing - Fairway Professional Mediator

Brigette Downing

As a Senior Negotiator, Qualified Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Brigette supports people through high conflict disputes in a variety of areas. With a BA in Psychology Brigette understands the emotional implications of couples moving through divorce and helps them to effectively communicate a resolution.

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Lesley Shebib - Fairway Professional Mediator

Lesley Shebib

Lesley Shebib is a certified mediator through the Justice Institute of BC, and a strong advocate for resolving conflict well.  She completed her M.A. in Conflict Analysis and Management at Royal Roads University, and combines this educational knowledge with her practical mediation and coaching background to bring a comprehensive approach in helping people move through some of life’s biggest challenges.

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Michael Shebib - Fairway Professional Mediator

Michael Shebib

Michael is a qualified arbitrator through the BC Arbitration and Mediation Institute, as well as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. He completed his M.A. in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University and has spent the last 20 years helping people transition through some of life’s difficult events.

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