Do I Need A Lawyer?

Myth #1

The short answer is NO, however the smart answer is yes BUT..

While there are circumstances when a lawyer is the best option (very high conflict scenarios). For the majority of couples going through the separation and/or divorce process our elite team of negotiators are more than suited to work in your best interests.

Myth #2

Hiring a lawyer always yields more favourable results.

There are absolutely times when hiring a lawyer is your best option, but that isn’t always the case. Mediation can often yield surprisingly positive results due to the creative, collaborative process. Fairway has helped thousands of families reach successful resolution. Contact us to learn more.

Myth #3

Hiring a lawyer is always the smartest decision.

The smartest decision is the one that saves you time, money, and energy while achieving the same, if not a more favourable end result. Call us be fore you call a lawyer.

Myth #4

Going through the court system will leave you feeling vindicated.

Going through the courts may feel like the best path to justice, but it can be a long and drawn out process that costs you time and money that in the end doesn’t provide the satisfaction you thought it would. There can be considerable benefit from taking an active role in the decision making process through mediation with a qualified negotiator.

We promise to - Reduce Time, Reduce Cost, Reduce Stress, Protect the children and relationships...