Franchise Opportunity

Fairway Divorce Solutions® offers an exciting, one of a kind, franchise opportunity. Fairway is the only national dispute resolution company in Canada. For the last 10 years Fairway has been trailblazing the path for divorce and dispute resolution that is less costly, less time consuming, less stressful and protects the children. There are now, hundreds of copycats who are helping validate this space, which is good news for Fairway. It is the intention to expand across Canada with like-minded franchisees who are passionate about being part of the movement towards alternative dispute resolution in divorce and other family related matters.

A Fairway Divorce Franchise might be right for you if:

  • You have mediation / negotiation experience (preferably in the area of family)
  • You have a personal desire to help the world be a better place and want to be part of something bigger
  • You are committed, self motivated and driven to build a successful practice
  • You have financial acumen or other areas of expertise
  • You are a member of your provincial associations and all your credentials are up to date. You must be able to practice in your province
  • You want to be an owner operator
  • You have the appropriate capital for the start up
  • You are a connector by nature and love to network to build your business
  • You are well educated
  • You are analytical and process driven

Being a part of an organization that is on the leading edge of such an important social change is exciting! Having helped hundreds of couples move through separation with dignity and grace, while at the same time enjoying the opportunity of being a business owner has been extremely rewarding.

- Colette Fortin
Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario

Register Now Bi-Weekly Seminar

Would you like to learn more about what owning a Fairway Divorce Solutions Franchise looks like and learn about the impact you can have on your community? Join us for an informative 1 hour session that explains the history of Fairway, our plans for growth and how you can be a part of it.

Estimated Start-Up Costs

Estimated Start-Up Costs Low High
Franchise Fee 19,500 19,500
Office Furniture $0 $5,000
Office Equipment $0 $3,000
Security Deposit $0 $3,000
Leasehold Improvements $0 $5,000
Signage $0 $1,000
Professional Fees (legal counsel) $500 $1,000
Insurance $1,000 $5,000
Miscellaneous Expenses $0 $1,000
Expenses to Attend Training $500 $2,000
Client Start-Up Kits $0 $500
Marketing $1,500 $5,000
Software $1,200 $2000
Total $24,200 $52,500

Frequently Asked Question

At Fairway our franchise fee is $19,500.

At Fairway our royalty fees consist of 7% of gross revenue which is calculated on a monthly basis.

At Fairway our advertising fees consists of 3% of gross revenue which is calculated on a monthly basis.

Our corporate marketing department focuses on national brand awareness through the website, organic search engine optimization, pay-per-click search engine optimization, social media, public relations, marketing collateral and product development.

You will have access to our 24/7 intranet portal to ensure you have everything you need to start marketing.

Locally, franchises are responsible for marketing through building relationships, networking, center of influence presentations, seminars, referral programs and outdoor advertising such as billboards, bus signs and radio advertisements.

Absolutely! Our Franchisees are already trained Negotiators, so the training is focused on the Fairway step-by-step client process called Independently Negotiated Resolution™.

Our training program has received a lot of great feedback as we make sure all franchisees are ready to take over business operations for their own office.

Fairway Divorce offers three types of training during start-up:

  • 1Online training
  • 2Onsite training at the Franchisor location
  • 3Onsite shadowing and mentoring at a Franchise location

Our training program includes all of the manuals and operation templates that we’ve perfected throughout the years. We even have YouTube video training to remind franchisees of how to conduct specific meetings with their clients.

Online Franchise Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in Fairway To get started and to learn more we invite you to fill out the below questionnaire. One of our dedicated team members will connect with you shortly.

We promise to - Reduce Time, Reduce Cost, Reduce Stress, Protect the children and relationships...