Lifestyle Couples Plan

A lifestyle plan assists couples that are married or common law to lay the foundation of expectations regarding money and children. If a couple is struggling to agree on how to manage the financials and assets or how to raise their children, a lifestyle plan will create clear boundaries for a family to function.

For couples that do not want to separate but do want to draft a mutual understanding of their present and future situation, Fairway can help you achieve this. Fairway will assist you in sorting out all the important things in life so you have breathing room to work on your relationship.

Through mediation, Fairway will help you to create a lifestyle plan that will give you a platform to move forward. The Plan may include parenting expectations and planning as well as money and how to use it effectively and respectfully. Fairway Mediators will provide a comfortable space to have an open and honest discussion about how you and your family communicate.

A lifestyle plan could be a chance to reconnect and save your marriage. It could be a chance to start a new life.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching has become an increasingly relevant, and some say essential communication tool in recent years. Parenting schedules involving high conflict personalities; coupled with emerging technologies that continue to increase the need for long-distance, virtual dispute resolution at a much more convenient and faster pace.

In this environment, married spouses and common-law partners are recognizing the value of conflict coaching before, during and after their separation or divorce, to help them:

  • Communicate effectively,
  • Adjust to co-parenting and independence,
  • Rebuild their lives,
  • Establish financial and relational futures.

Conflict coaches work with individuals as well as with couples in one-on-one or couples’ coaching sessions, in person and online.

Fairway’s team of experienced Conflict Coaches are ready to help you and your spouse take the next step towards building a clear road to a new life. Contact us today!

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