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Independently negotiated divorce resolution

Win with a Strategic Divorce Resolution Process

Independently negotiated divorce resolution from start to finish — Financial Division, Legal Education, Spousal Support, Coaching, Legal Separation Agreement, Divorce Filing and more.

Our divorce process uses the skills of an expert negotiator called a mediator.

Professional divorce mediation is about you and your soon to be ex-spouse resolving issues on separation in a professional environment. It is about deciding what is best for you, your partner, your assets and more importantly, your kids.

With our process, you and your spouse meet with our licensed mediators independently of each other, and with their guidance, you can both negotiate on the issues you need to resolve so that you can end your marriage as amicably and cost-effectively as possible.

This unique process is called Independently Negotiated Resolution (INR), and it is only available a through Fairway Divorce Solutions centres within Canada.

What sets our process apart?

We have taken what works from all the traditional practices and left behind what creates chaos and huge costs both financially and in relationships. We created a new category of business in the conventional Divorce Industry – one that focuses on doing what is best for you and does not destroy everything in the process!

  • A step by step process that focuses on bringing a resolution on both money and kids
  • A start to finish process ensuring every detail is taken care of including separation agreement drafting and divorce filing
  • Quarterbacking other Professionals as required and keeping them on track; Financial Planners, Pension Valuators, Business Valuators, Psychologists, Lawyers, Accountants Etc.
  • Mediating with couples when appropriate given the level of conflict.
  • A detailed parenting plan that works for all parties and preserves the integrity of relationships. Kids and parents are set up for success.
  • Negotiating financial agreements that address property division, spousal and child support.
  • Using methodologies that support independent, informed decision making.
  • Independent Legal Advice from an outside lawyer, when needed, helps check that your separation agreement will stand the test of time and that your rights have been protected.
  • The in-house legal department educates on the law, works with our mediators, drafts agreements and files for divorce on your behalf.

Fairway’s mediation methodology works

For the entirely amicable to the conflicted, there are usually at least a few issues that parties are not on the same page about, and traditional mediation methodologies just don't cut it. There can be either a power in balance or a knowledge difference which can result in one person feeling bullied or pressed or worst, settling on an agreement that is not fair or just considering the provincial or Federal laws.

Independently Negotiated Resolution™

Your emotions matter, but they shouldn’t play havoc with your smart decision making. We use a proprietary step-by-step process that focuses on making decisions about finances and co-parenting vs. creating a circus of using affidavits and legal applications that often focus on non-factual differences of opinion.


With the traditional process, there is back and forth position bargaining, which results in a tug of war.

Using The Fairway Process means each client is guided through the process separately to empower non-emotional decision making.


The Fairway Process™ achieves resolution fast. The Traditional legal Process takes a minimum of 2 years, with an average of 3-5 years.


Fairway costs between $1,500 to $8,000 per person to complete a settlement. The traditional divorce process is $2,000 to $16,000* each.


The traditional process uses power plays, damaging affidavits, and tactics that are destructive to the children and to co-parenting.

* Price based on a 2011 legal fee survey by CanadianLawyerMag.com and adjusted for inflation. Price range is from uncontested to contested divorces and may vary from province to province. Prices do not reflect high profile, complex or extraordinary cases.


You will not do better hiring a lawyer and fighting it out in courts because this is why divorce mediation exists.

Using a Lawyer

  • No Process
  • Up-front Retainer Costs
  • Uncontrolled Fees
  • Correspond Between Lawyers
  • File Statement of Claim
  • Serve Spouse
  • Receive Statement of Defense
  • Exchange Financial Disclosure
  • Notice to Disclose Appearance
  • File Application and Affidavits
  • Serve Application and Affidavits
  • Counter Affidavits
  • Chambers Application
  • Examination for Discoveries
  • Undertakings
  • Interim Applications
  • Judicial Dispute Resolution
  • Special Chambers Appearance
  • Trial
  • Divorce Judgement
  • Possible Appeal

Using a Fairway Mediator

  • Proven Process
  • Complete Empowered Control
  • Preservation of Wealth
  • Engage Parties for Win-Win
  • Full Disclosures
  • Access to Financial Analysts
  • Access to Business Experts
  • Access to In-house Lawyers
  • Fair Division of Assets
  • Spousal/Child Support Plan
  • Comprehensive Parenting Plan
  • Separation Agreement
  • File Divorce Documents
  • Divorce Judgement Granted

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