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Calgary Head Office

Our Head Office location now serves all of Canada! If you live in a distant location, Fairway Divorce offers remote mediation and negotiation for your convenience, which we conduct through conference calls or video conferencing.

Helping Couples and Families in Conflict

The main office can serve any family or couple requiring dispute resolution. Regardless of the location or the complexity of your conflict regarding family businesses, financial dilemmas and parenting issues, we have the experience and a team that can help meet your needs.

Experts in Divorce

Given our years of experience in dispute resolution in both the financial and parenting side, we offer premier service explicitly designed for high profile, high net worth divorces. Karen Stewart and the other divorce experts work one-on-one to plan and structure the team that will be necessary to bring a resolution. This team will include; Divorce Lawyers, Accountants, Business Valuators and Tax Specialists.

Fairway offers the best divorce mediation, dispute resolution, and financial services in Canada. Don’t call a divorce lawyer until you talked to us. You will save time and money with our team of experts in family mediation and negotiation. We specialize in all aspects of divorce including child custody, spousal support, asset division, separation papers and more.

Before you call a
Divorce Lawyer

Talk to Us! We have all the expertise, including tax accountants and legal advisors to help you.

In Canada call 1-866-755-3247

Want We Do

At Fairway, our job is not only to help you divide the pie but also to ensure that the way in which it is done will preserve your wealth, protect your assets and provide you long term security. While financial issues are often the most difficult to resolve, we understand that children come first and our professionals will develop a parenting plan that will assist you in creating a positive co-parenting relationship so that your children can prosper. Fairway’s team will also act as a quarterback to the best divorce lawyers, psychologists, business valuators and financial professionals.

  • Educate and guide you through the process
  • Create comprehensive parenting plans that work
  • Customize your spousal/child support plans
  • Divide assets while preserving your wealth

Why We’re Better

We have worked with thousands of people moving them efficiently and effectively through the divorce process. Our step-by-step process ensures empowered decision making with regards to the value of all the assets and property division. Compared to The Traditional Way, our Fairway Process™ provides clients with a clear advantage.

  • Fast and efficient
  • Highly experienced
  • Approved by lawyers
  • Engage both parties separately
  • Find an agreed upon number for a win-win
  • Save your assets from the courts
  • Provide a better outcome

Get Started with a FREE Consultation

Do you think Fairway might be for you? Talking to us can help make sense of what your next best step is. Just 30 minutes and you’ll have more clarity.

Book a no charge consultation

We offer our prospective clients a no charge consultation with one of our senior divorce mediators. They will discuss your situation, needs and concerns to find out which of our services is best suited for you. Whether it is mediation, financial guidance or litigation support, our team will set the stage for a timely resolution. Stay empowered and in control of your future, finances and freedom. Call our office toll free at 1-866-755-3247!

In Canada, divorce without a lawyer is not only possible it’s now a popular alternative.

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Our hours of operation are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.