Conflict Coaching

Useful before, during and after separation or divorce.

Conflict Coaching in Canada

What is conflict coaching?

We define conflict coaching as a set of skills and strategies used to support peoples’ ability to engage with, negotiate, and productively resolve conflicts between individuals, families or businesses. Conflict coaching has become an increasingly important and relevant method in settling matrimonial issues in recent years. With divorce, issues such as parenting schedules involving high conflict personalities; coupled with emerging technologies and busy demanding schedules have made conflict coaching an invaluable set of skills amongst the offerings of mediation companies.

We will teach you the techniques needed to resolve conflicts in the most intense situations.

In this environment, married spouses and common-law partners are recognizing the value of conflict coaching before, during and after their separation or divorce, to help them:

  • Communicate effectively and respectively
  • Adjust to co-parenting and independence
  • Minimize conflict
  • Rebuild their lives
  • Establish financial and relational futures
  • Resolve disagreements and disputes

How Fairway Can Help You

Conflict coaching is a widely used term in the United States, but is now becoming popular in Canada. Learn how we can coach you to handle conflicts.

Conflict Coaching over Coffee

How can this sort of coaching work for me?

Conflict coaches work with individuals as well as with couples in one-on-one or couples’ coaching sessions, in person and virtually online. It works by giving you a third party perspective. This sort of insight, when professionally administered, helps to see the big picture and nullifies the non-essential issues that would cost you if you were to use litigation or court judgement to resolves issues.

Fairway provides conflict coaching

Fairway’s team of experienced conflict coaches are ready to help you and your spouse take the next step towards building a clear road to a new life. Excellent communication skills are essential for all healthy relationships. For those couples who want to communicate better while going through a divorce, or for those couples wishing to be able to co-parent effectively, conflict coaching will give you the tools.

If you are transitioning to a new type of relationship, i.e., co-parenting then having the foundation for excellent communication skills will ensure that all parties have less stress and the ability to collaborate more effectively, making life easier for everyone.