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With a site like who needs enemies?

By Karen Stewart

Airbrushed WomenAs a proud Calgarian I was shocked and a bit nervous to find out today that Calgary is the third most cheater friendly city in Canada. After doing some research on, the infamous website for non-singles who are looking to hook up outside their relationships, my nervousness was confirmed. With a slogan of “Life is short. Have an affair.®” I can only imagine the kind of mischief this site brings into the bedrooms and homes of our friendly neighbourhoods. With a site like this – who needs enemies?

At Fairway Divorce Solutions we are consistently faced with the backlash of spouses scorn by the “other” lover. As this is a common situation we have come to understand that there are two sides to every story and what may seem to the public eye to be “bad” may not be so black and white.

What is “bad” to one person may be socially acceptable to another? If society focused on what the majorities considered to be right or wrong, then we would be living in an age where divorce was still considered “bad”. But luckily for many couples now divorce is just “considered” as an event in their lives. It does not need to define their lives.

With Calgary being the third highest on the infidelity list on I can only analyze the situation to say that if what happens behind closed doors spills out onto the streets of our friendly city, I can expect that our phones will continue to ring.